New Hellboy Promo Declares 'It's About Damn Time'


The World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator is headed back to the silver screen next month when the Hellboy reboot hits theaters. Now, a new promo -- which uses a scene from the teaser trailer -- is here to remind fans of its' impending release in a humorous way, while also showing the titular hero in action.

As the promo opens, Big Red is battling some giants, even managing to force one to the ground. Then, one of them knocks him aside, and as Hellboy goes flying through the air, text reading "1 Month" falls to the ground. The scene then repeats right before the promo ends.

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Above the video, a tweet reads, "It's about damn time," while reminding everyone the movie is only a month away from being released, and it then ends with a Hellboy emoji.

The promo shows off Hellboy's capabilities as a fighter, taking down opponents several times his size, while also throwing in some humor to show that he isn't quite invincible. And if the promo is any indication, fans will be seeing more of these elements when the film hits theaters next month.

Arriving on April 12, director Neil Marshall’s Hellboy stars David Harbour as Hellboy, Ian McShane as Trevor Bruttenholm, Milla Jovovich as Nimue, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Penelope Mitchell as Ganeida, Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio and Thomas Haden Church as Lobster Johnson.

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