'Hellboy' progress, 'CBTM' distributor, 'Smallville' and 'Punisher': Comics2Film wrap for May 15, 2003


Director Guillermo del Toro tells Comics2Film/CBR News that the filming of"Hellboy" is exactly half-finished as of this week. So far theproduction has gone smoothly.

"Ijust love doing this movie," del Toro said. "Long, grueling hours andno weekends help stretch the budget and the imagination."

The question of who will provide the score for the movie may be circling inon itself. Marco Beltrami, who worked with del Toro on "Blade II" and"Mimic" was originally supposed to provide the score, but dropped outearlier this year. Now it looks like the composer's schedule may work out for"Hellboy" after all.

"If it can be done, I'd rather work with Marco than anyone else,"del Toro said. "We'll know soon."

Sony released the first image of star Ron Perlman in "Hellboy"makeup earlier this week. The director told us that there's more where that camefrom.

"Expect photos of Abe in his respirator next," the director said.

Also due on the officialwebsite will be a series of character biographies, based on film. "Yes,they will differ slightly from the bios in the comics," del Toro told us,"but they were done as part of the script process and will be a kick forthe readers. Plus, each bio will come with a photo of the character in


Hellboy fans can go to the official site now and start gabbing on the newlyopened message boards. 



C2F/CBRNews has learned that Miramax has come on board as distributor of  "ComicBook the Movie." The soon-to-be-released film is a mockumentary createdby Mark Hamill for CreativeLight Entertainment, covering a subject that's near-and-dear to our hearts:the journey from comics to film.

Hamill makes his debut as a director and also stars in film as fictitiousfan-turned-documentarian Don Swan. Swan is a fan of the comic book characterCommander Courage who contends with a Hollywood studio who is making abig-budget feature based on the golden-age comics. As is so often the case, Swanis distraught over the sweeping changes made in order to make the charactersuitable for mainstream audiences.

Much of the mockumentary was filmed at last summer's Comic-Con Internationalin San Diego and features a slew of comic book greats. 

Hamill is best known to fans as Luke Skywalker in the original "StarWars" trilogy, as well as the voice of The Joker in the recent"Batman" animated shows.

The movie was originally slated for a direct-to-video release this summer.With Miramax distributing, the release will likely be delayed until fall. Themove also opens the door for a possible theatrical release.



Last week "Smallville" producer Al Gough toldC2F that Clark will hear the voice of Jor-El on the season finale to theshow. The producer was cagey about naming the actor who plays the part, simplystating "I won't tell you who it is, but any self-respecting Superman fanshould be able to name that actor once they hear the voice."

Although the casting has been kept under wraps, the web's top"Smallville" resource, KryptonSite, has revealed who the actor is playing Clark's Kryptonian daddy. Wewon't spoil it for those who don't want to know, but if you must find out thenclick over to Krypton Site.



AsArtisan's "Punisher" movie revs up, the studio has opened the teasersite for the film. PunisherTheMovie.comis the official online home of Marvel's grim avenger.

Currently there is little there but a simple flash animation, which revealsan official site opening date of 6/20/2003. This date coincides with the releaseof "The Hulk" and the first "Punisher" teaser trailer.

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