Hellboy, Over the Hedge, Smallville, Michel Vaillant and More: Comics2Film wrap for August 6, 2003


The big red guy is coming early next year and we're not talking about SantaClaus. Varietyreports that the release date for "Hellboy" has been moved from it'scompetitive Memorial Day debut spot to the quieter April 2nd weekend.

The crowded Memorial Day weekend was to have been preceded by potentialblockbusters like "Van Helsing," "Troy" and  "TheWorld of Tomorrow," leaving "Hellboy" to duke it out with"Shrek 2". That would be followed by "The Day AfterTomorrow" opening the next weekend.

"When you look at what's coming out around Memorial Day, there are somevery big pictures," Revolution partner Tom Sherak said. "We figuredwe'd be much better off coming out earlier with a movie that we think will bethe next big comic book movie. Whenever you can be the first, be thefirst."

According to the write up, Revolution wants "Hellboy" to be able tohit us fanboys and fangirls with maximum impact and build word-of-mouth beforethe other blockbusters start dividing the audience.

The April weekend pits "Hellboy" against non-genre fair likeDreamWorks' Ben Stiller/Jack Black comedy "Envy," Paramount's"The Blackout Murders," Universal's "Two Brothers" and Fox'sfamily movie "Mission Without Permission."



Tim Johnson, director of the upcoming CGI animated movie "Over theHedge" recently talked with SCIFI Wire about bringing Michael Fry and T. Lewis' comic strip to the bigscreen.

The movie focuses on a raccoon named R.J. (voiced by Jim Carrey) and a turtlenamed Verne (Garry Shandling) who have to cope with human encroachment on theirwooded environs.

"Our goal is to make, not really a negative comment on the consumerculture we live in, although we will be having a little fun at the expense of ushumans, but to really show us how much we take for granted," Johnson toldSCI FI. "We have it pretty darn good in this world, don't we? Especially inthis country. And so to actually take a look from an animal's point of view, ...to be thrust into the 21st century in front of big-screen TVs and Cheetos,they're having a pretty good time." 

Johnson also told SCI FI that Fry and Lewis have been very involved in thedevelopment of the movie.

"Hedge" won't be in theaters until Thanksgiving 2005. The moviealso features Gene Wilder as the voice of Norbert the Owl. Johnson isco-directing the movie with Ash Brannon ("Toy Story").



Want a peek into the mind of Allison Mack, who plays Chloe Sullivan on"Smallville?" Check out her new blog at TheWB.com.This week's installment includes some digital photos of her on the set withLionel Luthor actor John Glover.



The officialwebsite for "Michel Vaillant" is open for business and running apair of teaser trailers.

"Michel Vaillant," is based on Jean Graton's French comic about aracing hero. Like the comic, the movie is also French made with Luc Besson("The Transporter") writing and producing.

Louis-Pascal Couvelaire is directing with Sagamore Stévenin playing thetitle role.

The trailers reveal a November 2003 release date, presumably in Europe. Noword has been given if this movie will see release in the U.S.



"Teen Titans" continues to perform well, according to a recentrelease from Cartoon Network.

Since its July 19 premiere "Teen Titans" added a third week to itscurrent streak of delivery and ratings gains across all target audience demos,according to Nielsen Media Research. The program once again earned double-digitdelivery and ratings gains among kids 6-11 and 2-11. Highlights of the animatedseries' performance vs. the same time period last year include the following:

  • Kids 6-11 delivery (753,000) increased by 76% and ratings (3.1) by 82%.
  • Boys 6-11 delivery (613,000) improved by 87% and ratings (4.9) by 88%.
  • Girls 6-11 delivery (141,000) expanded by 38% and ratings (1.2) by 50%.
  • Kids 2-11 delivery (994,000) grew by 17% and ratings (2.5) by 19%.
  • Boys 2-11 delivery (746,000) rose by 22% and ratings (3.6) by 24%.

Loosely based on the DC Comics of the 1980s, "Teen Titans" airsSaturdays at 9 p.m. on Cartoon Network.



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