New Hellboy Movie Image Teases 'More Violent and More Bloody' Reboot

Stranger Things star David Harbour is on the run as Hellboy in a new image from the upcoming R-rated reboot, which director Neil Marshall promises will be "more violent and more bloody."

When Mike Mignola's beloved comic book hero was brought to the big screen in 2004 by Guillermo del Toro, star Ron Perlman captured the sarcasm, sensitivity and laid-back personality of Mike Mignola's beloved hero in a way that resonated with fans. But Marshall’s reimagining promises to take the character into darker, more horror-focused territory.

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“It was always a case of, ‘When in doubt, go back to the source material.’ Some of the stuff is pretty sick,” Marshall told Empire magazine. “More violent and more bloody. We weren’t making it with handcuffs on.”

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The film’s screenplay, written by Mignola, Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden and Aron Coleite, draws inspiration from the comic storylines "Darkness Calls," "The Wild Hunt" and "The Storm and the Fury," which depict the rise of Nimue, a medieval British sorceress known as The Blood Queen who seeks to destroy humanity. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. ( Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) are among the few forces capable of stopping her.

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Debuting April 12, 2019, Neil Marshall’s Hellboy stars David Harbour as Hellboy, Ian McShane as Trevor Bruttenholm, Milla Jovovich as Nimue, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Penelope Mitchell as Ganeida and Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio.

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