Hellboy, Justice League, Punisher, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 5th


The Star reports that, among other wacky retitlings for the international market, you won't find "Hellboy" in Malaysian theatres, but if you look for "Super Sapiens," you can see Ron Perlman in Guillermo del Toro's superhero epic. Seems there was a big huff over "Daredevil," and to satisfy local morals, a new name was required. The article also discusses various other films in brief.


Comics Continuum reports that the third season will feature horror film veteran Jeffrey Combs ("Feardotcom," "Contagion") as the voice of The Question and that "MASH" veteran Mike Farrell will return to once again voice Pa Kent. Combs provided the voice for everybody's favorite fear-based Bat villain Professor Johnathan Crane in the "Batman" animated series and has done a number of other comic based roles.


Superherohype has a first look at the new "standee" theatre display, appearing in selected theatres.


The licensed toys from Lego give away some spoilers in its scenes of the upcoming movie. If you'd like to get some advance knowledge without heading to your local toy store, you'd have to look through them yourself. Again, spoilers lie within. In other Spider-news, Cinescape notes that the work done in Sony's Culver City Stage 30 was miniature work with a scale replica of the bridge/dock that was used in the film's finale.


Smallvillefans.com took a look at the latest issue of Icon Magazine, and took some notes from an interview with former Duke boy John Schneider. "In Whisper, which is the episode we're filming at the moment, something happens to Clark," Schneider said, "His powers turn against him and he ends up being a bit of an invalid at the Kent farm. I love the emotional side of Smallville, and as upsetting as Clark's condition is, it's kind of comforting to see he still needs his parents."


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