Hellboy, Heroes, Smallville, Spider-Man 3: August 15th Comic Reel Wrap


We got an email from Stephen Schleicher to point out all the spoilers compiled at his blog, complete with cool screen captures. What a helpful chap!


Our pal Craig from Kryptonsite has been moonlighting, sending over this compilation of spoilers (that's what we're all about today, it seems) about the NBC series.

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has an interview with man-about-town Jeph Loeb, who knows where he's going. "We know what's going to happen in the first three seasons," Loeb said, "but as it is with any of these things, what you have is an understanding from the show's creator where he wants to be at the beginning and the middle and the end. It's very much like driving from New York to Los Angeles. You have the route. It just depends on how many towns you stop off in, and those townsÑif we're going to beat this metaphor to deathÑare the episodes that we have along the way. The question is whether or not you take 30 towns to get to Philadelphia or you take 30 towns to get to Dallas. It's how far you down the road you really want to move this story."


Weren't we just talking about Kryptonsite and spoilers? Well, they've got fresh ones about this new season's fifth episode, "Subterranean."


Boxer Baxter Humby has posted some photos from the web-spinning sequel on his website. If you click on "about Baxter" and then "films," you can view five photos of Humby in the Spider-Man costume for a scene with The Sandman (Thomas Haden Church).


According to scooper Mark Brash, who wrote in, filming started yesterday in New Zealand, with local papers already keeping an eye on the likes of Josh Hartnett, who's in the Steve Niles adaptation.


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