Hellboy Gets His Own 'Hell Water' Whiskey

A Hellboy-themed cinnamon whiskey called Hell Water is on its way to store shelves on April 14. Hell Water is a devilish 66.6 proof beverage (33.3% alcohol) contained in a 750 ml glass bottle.

Dark Horse Comics and Prestige Imports LLC will produce the whiskey at XXX Distillery LLC's two locations Sevierville and Pigeon Forge in Tennesse. “We selected these craft distillers based on product quality, production capability and great tasting cinnamon whiskey, after an exhausted search of distilleries from around the United States" Tom Cleaver, Prestige Imports LLC founder, said in a statement. The grand opening for Hell Water is at the XXX Distillery's Pigeon Forge location in Tennesee on April 14 from 11 am to 2 pm.

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According to the press release,

Hellboy Hell Water is micro-distilled, hand bottled and styled in the old traditional process of making Southern Corn Whiskey. Old fashioned corn whiskey uses only the finest corn, natural ingredients, spring water, glassware and craftsmanship.

Hellboy is a comic book series created by Mike Mignola. The story follows Hellboy, a demon brought to earth on December 23, 1944 as a result of a Nazi experiment. He is discovered by the Allied Forces and eventually becomes an agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.), an organization that protects America from paranormal and supernatural horrors.

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"Hellboy" and "Hellboy II: The Golden Army," live-action adaptations of the comic series, were directed by Guillermo Del Toro and released in 2004 and 2008. This year, Del Toro confirmed that Hellboy 3 will 100% not happen.

Hellboy's Hell Water will be available beginning April 14.

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