Dark Horse to Celebrate Halloween with New Hellboy One-Shot

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is teaming with Barbarian Lord creator Matt Smith and colorist Dave Stewart for brand-new one-shot to help comic book readers get into the the Halloween spirit later this year. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Long Night at Goloski Station arrives in late October from Dark Horse Comics. The book follows Hellboy himself as a quiet night at a rundown train station quickly turns into a no-holds-barred demon fight.

“A remote train station and two guys killing time waiting for something to happen, very different (I think) from any other Hellboy story I’ve done,” said Mignola. "While it’s set in Russia it was very much inspired by any number of old Westerns. And Matt Smith… I’ve loved his work since I discovered it all those years ago on his Barbarian Lord comic. I was thrilled that he wanted to draw this story. It's his first Hellboy and hope it won’t be his last.”

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“I remember two things very clearly at the start of this book,” added Smith. “First was getting the initial message and wondering who was playing a joke on me, as it couldn’t actually be from the guy who inspired me to draw my own comics. Second was reading the script for the first time knowing I was getting to draw this particular story. It’s a great one.

"Working on Hellboy couldn’t have been a better experience," he continued. "Both Mike, and Katii and Jenny, the editors, have been completely welcoming and incredibly generous with their time and input throughout. I can’t wait to see those Dave Stewart colors and this story on the shelves.”

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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Long Night at Goloski Station hits comic shops Oct. 30.

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