Hellboy, Fantastic Four 2, Smallville, Heroes: October 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Producer Tad Stones talked about the new project in two video interviews complete with a trailer, courtesy of Comic Foundry.


Check Stan Lee with that magnificent pimpin' on the set of the Tim Story film, seen in this shot from Superhero Hype. Also, a couple of new and updated shots have been added to this Flickr gallery.


Remember that rumor about who's having a baby? It's got a bit more credible, since actor Tom Welling may have let the infant out of the bag, according to quotes snagged by Kryptonsite. Meanwhile, rival site Devoted to Smallville has a TV Guide blurb about Lois' love life.


Actress Ali Larter said that the secrets behind her character's power will be revealed in full shortly, according to quotes at Sci Fi Wire. "Where we're leading to is that there's going to be a duality within my personality," Larter said. "So there's one side that has to conform to society's rules and laws, and the shadow side that can actually live out the dark fantasies that are repressed within all of us."

Show creator Tim Kring said, "I would say that it's a very safe thing to sort of assume that it's a Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde or Hulk kind of personality. But we are leaving the door very open for new surprises. It is intended to be confusing at the beginning, because we are following it through her point of view, as though you had woken up with this very curious thing happening to you. Niki's character is the one character that is discovering this in the most confusing way. So we are asking the audience to sort of buy into that conceit that it's going to be a road to discovery. And in the next couple of episodes, it becomes clearer and clearer. And after six episodes it should be very clear what's happening."


More blood? More shooting? No problem. Actor Thomas Jane told MTV that the new film would have more of what Punisher fans love. "The script comes in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be darker, bloodier and more unfriendly than the first one," Jane said.


Speaking of Marvel sequels, Superhero Hype has a scooper report about director Louis Letterier speaking on French TV, saying that the new film would have a $120 million budget, that he's looking for a bookish glass-wearing type for Banner (which implies no Eric Bana), and that it would definitely not be a sequel.


Are these improved posters for the Nicolas Cage vehicle, at FirstShowing.net? Mm, maybe.


Creator Joss Whedon is now purposely spreading false data, to screw with the rumormongers. On his web site, Whedon said, "Holy Mother of Oats! I turn my back for five minutes (that's how long it takes to admire my lovely back) and the interweb goes banoonoos! Isn't there any ACTUAL news to get wrong? Sorry about all this; it might be best if I just stay off the computer for a while. Or just glut the feed with wild conjecture. Hmm, let's see ... I'm me, so ... let's glut! Here are some ABSOLUTELY TRUE statements of factiness. Gentlemen, start your websites. 1) Wonder Woman has finally been cast. To no one's surprise, we eschewed all those tired movie and TV personalities and cast the interweb star 'Lonelygirl,' or whatever her actual name is. Congratulations, whomever ... When the two worlds align and something actually happens, whatever it is, you guys know I'll be on this site as soon as I'm allowed to be. And I'll be very very clear. There is no news. Not never, just now. I'm off to lunch with Lonelygirl."


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