Hellboy, Elektra, Sin City, more: March 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Sony Pictures has updated the official site You can browse four of the tracks from the Marco Beltrami, and a new mobile text messaging program allows you to sign up for movie updates, publicity alerts, and BPRD info directly to your cell phone. Additionally, you will get your theater showtimes to the nearest theater playing the film on the Thursday before opening. Subscribers can then click "buy" on their phone, sending them directly to Fandango to purchase. Plus, Los Angeles and New York fans can see the movie a bit early, in special screenings on Friday, March 26th. At 7:30 PM EST, you can catch the show at Loew's E-Walk, and at 7:30 PM PST, you can see the film at Universal Citywalk. Alas, even if the Concorde were still running, you couldn't catch both opening credits. Also, Dark Horizons has an interesting interview with Ron Perlman. Finally, look for exclusive coverage about the special effects of Hellboy later this week, here at CBR.


Jennifer Garner talked to Access Hollywood, and made some comments about her leather-clad spin off film. "There will be a twist to the story that I think you wouldn't expect," Garner said. When asked whether co-stars Ben Affleck or Colin Farrell would show up, she replied, "I wish!" she replied.


Variety reports that special effects house The Orphanage is going to produce a feature adaptation of Bill Sienkiewicz's graphic novel "Stray Toasters." "Company will provide extensive visual effects services for the project, to be directed by Jeff Renfroe and Marteinn Thorsson. Their pic 'One Point O' was in competition at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Penned by Sienkiewicz, Renfroe and Thorsson, story is a futuristic noir thriller about a mentally unstable detective who is investigating a series of bizarre murders of housewives and their young children. His quest takes him deep into the decaying metropolis where he begins to suspect that the killer might not be human."


For once, it pays to be a fan from down under: according to MSN, fans in Australia will be the first in the world to see the new preview from the web-spinning sequel with every session of "50 First Dates" this weekend.


Variety also reported on the "Frank Miller as Co-Director" thing we discussed yesterday, where Rodriguez said, "I didn't want Frank to be treated as just a writer, because he is the only one who has actually been to ' Sin City.'"


CHUD has an interview with writer/director Kevin Smith, where he briefly discusses the adventures of Britt Reid. "I too expected that once that announcement was made that people would say 'There's no way, this dude can't shoot his way out of a paper bag.' The only criticisms I've read were things like 'Oh, I guess this means Green Hornet and Kato are going to have some homoerotic relationship and talk about 'Star Wars' a lot.' Whatever, I'll accept that. They haven't seen 'Jersey Girl' and they don't know what I'm going to do with 'The Green Hornet.' It's the easy shots like that, nobody going like 'This dude is inept, don't give him a movie like this.' It also helps that it's not a movie the whole world is expecting. Imagine if I'd been given 'Superman' or something. People would have gone apeshit. With 'Green Hornet,' the expectations aren't nearly as high as with most comic book movies."


Kryptonsite has new spoiler-laden images from the upcoming episode "Legacy." As well, Zap2It.com has carefully combed through past episodes to dig up as many Easter Eggs in the show as possible.


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