Hellboy, Daredevil, Route 666, more: March 17th Comic Reel Wrap


The reviews are starting to come in, as the film has been screened in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. Of course the regulars at Ain't It Cool News chimed in, mostly very positive reviews. One poster said, "'Hellboy' is the finest comic book adaptation I've seen to date. The story, the characters, the nuances of what made Hellboy kick ass in the comics is all there, plus the touch of Guillermo del Toro's thoughtful layering of so much of what make movies great. In' Hellboy,' you get a super(anti)hero movie, a love story, a monster movie, a thriller, pulse-pounding action, and the whole gamut of what publicists only allege other movies to have in their 90 to 120 minutes." Another said, "Now, you ask, is it worth it, was it worth it to watch this non-mainstream comic brought to life? Was it worth it to see Ron Perlman on the screen in bright-red makeup, beating down things with a stone hand? OH GOD YES IT WAS. For those of you who are fans of the comic, you'll see pretty much the panels lifted and brought to life."

In other hellish news, Reuters notes that the Best Buy DVD is a huge success.


According to USA Today, Ben Affleck is allegedly done with action movies, and has completely ruled out returning to the tight red leather. "I can't imagine doing another action movie. I'm not interested," he said. Thanks to Jim Demes for pointing that out.


The gang at Kryptonsite has a new spoiler, namely the title of the season finale. Plus, they have an extended write up of numerous cast and crew members appearing at the William S. Paley Television Festival, where a close look at the inner workings of the series took place.


One of our international fans, Ricardo D. Martins, pointed us to a page at Universo HQ hinting at developments for a big screen treatment of the CrossGen thriller.


Our dear friend Ricardo also noted that "France based Wolfland Pictures is developing a CGI movie based on the Phillipe Druillet comic NOSFERATU. In this version, the vampire awakes on a post-apocalyptic world," and "Wolfland Pictures from France is developing a 14-episode TV series based on the Moebius' work ARZAK RHAPSODY."


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