Hellboy, Blade, Batman, G.I. Joe: March 16th Comic Reel Wrap


What? Someone has already seen the movie and reviewed it, spoilers and all? That seems to be what they're saying over at Revolution SF, so consider yourself warned. Also Rope of Silicon has an online photo book with twenty or so new images from the film.


According to Latino Review, the date for the Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel has been pushed back to December 10, 2004.


Speaking of Latino Review, they also have a tidbit-filled report on the new Chris Nolan Bat film, with such fun notes as, "Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon) has had foot surgery done on a old injury before he starts working on two new Batman movies. Does this mean Oldman's signed for two Batman movies?" They also have some casting rumors and information on some of the vehicles used in the film.

In other Bat-news, the BBC notes that acclaimed actor Colin McFarlane may be Jim Gordon's predecessor. "McFarlane is now most frequently cast in roles with a degree of gravitas -- a QC in 'Judge John Deed,' a detective inspector in 'Jonathan Creek,' and the police commissioner in the next Batman film."

Finally, CHUD has an interview with producer Chuck Roven, who says, "The whole concept of this Batman is that it will be different from the other Batmans because it's going to be much more reality-based in that everything that the character does, a living person today could evolve to do. Everything -- all of the equipment -- the plane, the car, the cape, everything has a real, scientific, practical reason for being and using and you're going, 'Gee, that could happen today.'"


Screenwriter Michael Gordon got in touch with the team at IGN's Filmforce to update them after the big Toyfare article that ran last week. To clear up questions of whether or not classic 1960s characters would be used, Gordon said that this " movie is based on the 80's Joe characters. (Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Destro, Baroness, Storm Shadow, Cobra, etc.) Period." He also let a little slip about the all-new character Rex. "Rex is just a first name (which actually came from Hasbro). Much like Duke is really Conrad, Scarlett is really Shana, etc. Rex will have a Joe handle just like every other character."


Variety (subscription required) reports that Columbia Pictures screened 12 minutes of Spider-Man 2 footage for the first time in Tokyo, Japan on Monday with star Tobey Maguire in attendance. "Several hundred journalists and film industry guests crowded the ballroom at a Tokyo hotel to watch the 'Director's Preview,' as it was labeled. Trailer on a master brought over from Los Angeles started with a video message by helmer Sam Raimi welcoming the Japanese guests, partly in their own language, and explaining that some of the CG and sound wasn't complete."


Kevin Smith is at it again -- this time he talked to Sci Fi Wire about how Miramax is anxious to get started on the new film. "I saw Harvey [Weinstein]," Smith said, "He said, 'Where are we at with the script?' I said, 'Where are we at? I've been doing press all weekend [for Jersey Girl ]. As soon as I finish.' March 16 I get to go home. So hopefully by mid-April I'll be turning in the first finished draft. And we hope to be shooting by the late-late end of the summer, beginning of the fall. They probably won't let us shoot in L.A., because it would be too cost-prohibitive. Something tells me they'll send me up to Canada." Smith is also keeping his cards close to the vest about casting. "We've started to put out feelers to see who's available and whatnot, but we're not close to signing deals," he said. "There was a guy I met with before I went on the press tour, who I'm really kind of in love with, who I think would make an excellent Britt Reid. He's a great actor. He's a really strong actor. He's not an action dude, and I think he'd be great. He'd be awesome." Smith also likes the "lower tier" feel of the character. "It frees me up quite a bit inasmuch as I'm not going to be stepping on anybody's toes," Smith said. "Nobody's going to say, 'Well, Green Hornet would never do that, because in issue number 96 back in 1982 ... .' There's nothing like that."


Curvy actress/dancer Monica Delain raised some eyebrows when she appeared in the recent episode "Velocity," and she sat down with Kryptonsite to talk about her experience on the show. "You know in the beginning of the episode where Pete gets out of the car and the crowd gathers around and Jason Dante and I greet him. Well, during one take Sam couldn't hear the director yell action and everyone gathered around like they're supposed to and Sam was still sitting in the car, looking through the window mouthing things like do I get out of the car now? now? And that went on for a minute or so. I guess you had to be there for that one. But the take that did make it was the one right after that. And I think I was still giggling through it . I don't know ... Check it out the next time you see the episode. It was quite funny."

In other wholesome news, Devoted to Smallville has detailed spoilers for an upcoming episode called "Forsaken."


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