Hellboy, Batman, the Mask, more: Comic Reel Wrap for January 14th


More and more people are being shown the 45-minute "rough cut" of the film, and the reports are pleased. Fangoria has just posted their thoughts about the material, saying, "The punchy, short-breathed Hellboy dialogue ('Aw, crap') is all here and uttered with a constantly annoyed delivery by Perlman that is pitch-perfect to what you'd imagine Hellboy's personality to be from the comic. With two and a half months to go to complete the CGI and looping and put on the score, 'Hellboy' looks remarkably complete, likely due to the number of in-camera FX del Toro chose to use in the film. All in all, the movie looks like a truly great bit of monstermaking with a really strong and well-executed story, multidimensional characterizations, some amazing creature designs, a lot of Mignola-style dark humor and a truly beautiful look."


Dark Horizons reports that "Matrix" vet Laurence Fishburne is being considered for the role of Lucius Fox in the upcoming Chris Nolan-directed Bat film. They also note that Nolan continues his pursuit of Chris Cooper for Commissioner Gordon, despite the actor's lack of interest.


Superherohype> has a look at the poster, now appearing in theatres around the nation, printed on "mirror paper." A scooper told the site that Bob Hoskins is up for the role of Norse god Odin in the sequel.


Numerous sources have reported this, but let's go with the one we know will get the dirt. Actor Christopher Reeves returns to "Smallville" in an episode that will air on April 14th. Reeves reprises his role as Dr. Swann, and comes face to face with Lionel Luthor (John Glover), who's getting closer to finding out the truth about a certain wholesome, less-than-brilliant Kansas farmboy.


If you can't get your fill of Adam West, George Reeves or Jackson Bostwick, TV Land is there for you. According to Toon Zone, the network's "Kitschen" bloc will be adding "Batman," "The Adventures of Superman" and "Shazam!" to its lineup, on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 2AM Eastern Time.


The orange cat is going to be everywhere. Toon Zone reports that Fox's Peter Staddon said, "will be a big year for Garfield. Not just the movies but the TV show and the specials will start to make it out on DVD this year. In fact some of my team are meeting with Jim Davis in Indy today. No specific details on anything yet as it's way too early."


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