Hellboy, Batman, Blade, Spider-Man 2: February 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Artist Drew Struzan isn't done with the BPRD's finest by a long shot. The artist posted a note on his website saying, "After Guillermo del Toro, director of Hellboy, released an image of my painting at a convention Saturday, it seems to have made a lightning fast trip around the world. The result was a flood of inquiries to me. Will it be the poster for the film's release? Will it be available to us? Where and when can I get one? And the rumors! All exciting but I must say that I have no answers. It is still up in the air as to what, when and where or even if it will ever happen. When I know I will surely inform everyone right here on my welcome page. If you have found this exciting let me clue you into another secret. This image is only a work in progress .poster.. While I cannot show you the finished art yet I can say it is far more powerful, beautiful and compelling than this temporary version." In other Hellboy news, according to Figures.com, beleaguered retailer Tower Records is joining with Diamond Toys to release an "exclusive Black T-shirt Hellboy Beanie." The article says, 'Making such tough, hard looking characters into soft and cute beanie versions was an unnatural yet interesting evolution. "Hellboy is an interesting character with a very cool look,' says Andy Livingston, Marketing & Sales Coordinator for DST, 'and turning him into a beanie only serves to enhance his appearance. We're very happy to be working with Tower Records to get this neat collectible into the hands of Hellboy fans.' This version of the Hellboy beanie shows off the intricate designs the character has on his right arm, as well as revealing more of his stone fist."


The confirmations keep on coming -- The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit picked up the Liam Neeson story and ran with it, noting it in Thursday's edition. Kit wrote, "Liam Neeson is in final negotiations to star opposite Christian Bale in Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming Batman movie. It's being directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Emma Thomas. Neeson would join Bale' set to play Bruce Wayne, aka Batman' and Michael Caine, who is appearing as Wayne's butler, Alfred. Katie Holmes and Cillian Murphy also have been cast. The studio declined comment on Neeson's role." As well, FilmJerk reports that (SPOILER WARNING) a new character is being cast: "At this time, the production is looking to cast an 'enormous' Asian man, who will be involved in a fight scene. Producers are not specifying an age range for the character, saying it can be 'any age as long as he is enormous,' as well as looks dangerous and is able to speak in broken English." Filming starts March 16th.


Superherohype has a new photo from the long-toothed sequel, and Hollywood North Report saves you at least two clicks by reprinting an interview with director David Goyer that ran in the Vancouver Province. Goyer said, "We had a lot of big stunts, more than the other films. We blew things up, smashed a lot of cars. We blew up, smashed and shattered $170,000 [US] in glass alone. The big surprise for me was that it turned out quite funny, it has quite a bit of comedy. That's why I decided to cast a lot of people that had improvisational backgrounds or comedic backgrounds. I was really pleasantly surprised by Triple H. (Others) were very keen on bringing him in but I wasn't a giant WWE fan. But he turned out to be completely professional, dedicated and humble, and very funny with great comedic timing. We ended up writing more scenes for him." On the idea of a fourth sequel, Goyer said, "Wesley told me when we did the second one that he thought he only had one more in him but you never know. We'll see. I always conceived of three films and there is a definite ending to this. I don't want to cheat (by opening it up again). On the other hand if it does $150 million, then ... we're all whores."


Ain't It Cool News has what appears to be the first review of the cowboy comic adaptation. It notes that "apart from the main characters, the treatment of 'Blueberry' has not much to do with Jean Giraud's work," and has a wide variety of spoilers.


Missed the Sam Raimi interview in Wizard Magazine? The official site was kind enough to reprint it for your convenience. A new webisode (registration required) goes in depth with J.K. Simmons about the JJJ/Peter Parker relationship and also has crew members discussing Simmons himself.


Kryptonsite has information on the Season Two DVD. If you missed this week's episode "Velocity," the gang at Devoted to Smallville are happy to show you their gallery of screen captures.


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