Hellboy, Avengers, Smallville, Fantastic Four 2: August 11th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Comics Continuum, "Cartoon Network will air the 'Hellboy: Sword of Storms' animated movie on Saturday, Oct. 28, in time for Halloween and well before the Feb. 6 DVD release." Creator Mike Mignola is quoted talking about the difference between the movie and comic continuities. "It's not radically different," Mignola said. "It's recognizable, but it's a little different, which I kind of like. It's nice to keep them different." The Continuum also has some screen captures available.


The news came out at the Marvel Studios overview presentation (PDF) that screenwriter Zak Penn has received the task of bringing Earth's Mightiest Heroes to the silver screen.


Kryptonsite has the title for the new season's sixth episode on their spoilers page.


Actor Doug Jones keeps dropping hints about how he might get to meet the Richards. He told IF Magazine, "As I'm standing at the store that sells lovely beautiful shimmery silver colored outfits, I'm standing at the checkout, and my credit card is still in the approval process, but as a I look to my left and to my right I see that there are no other people waiting there. [Laughs] It's just one of those things."


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