Hellboy, Astro City, Catwoman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 21st, 2003


Director Guillermo del Toro was back on the official site, and says that he's raffling off a Hellboy prop this weekend at Wizard World Texas, and that he'd love to do a sequel. Also, you've heard all about it, now you can see it for yourself: Yahoo! Movies has the new "Hellboy" trailer online. Vaya con dios!


Variety reports that the newly formed company Panama Leo (comprised of producer Ben Barenholtz, screenwriter Jonathan Alpers and comic book author Kurt Busiek) has acquired the feature film rights to bring "Astro City" to the silver screen.


Fansite PP-Catwoman is buzzing with info today. First, they have two new photos from the set, of Benjamin Bratt and Halle Berry. Second, they transcribed Halle Berry's appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly. Berry said, "I'm on a strict routine for this movie, and as soon as we wrap on this movie, I will be off of it. I cannot live like this. Nobody should live like this!" They asked her about the fighting style used in the film, and she said, "I have to fight in like, four inch heels. And we're doing this style of martial arts that's Brazilian, so it's all low to the ground, very influenced by gymnastics ... that's challenging. I'm wicked with the whip. This one's like eight feet long, and when you get that first crack ... oh!" When asked about the costume, she replied, "It's tough. Things fall out, a lot." Mercy.


Superherohype was among the people up late watching "Last Call with Carson Daly" Wednesday night, where Brendan Fraser talked about his quest for the red and blue tights. His claim was that everyone over 6'2" was being considered. He said, "Hey, it's the Man of Steel, who doesn't want to be Superman?"


Sony Pictures has posted a list of worldwide release dates. Superherohype also has a gallery of set photos from the production before shooting wrapped. Finally, the official Web site has been updated with a video visiting director Sam Raimi and stars Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire.


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