Hellboy, Aquaman, Sub-Mariner, The Psycho: November 14th Comic Reel Wrap


The upcoming animated series now has its own blog with concept art available for your review.


The word is on the street -- Variety reports that the WB has authorized "Smallville" honchos Millar and Gough to create a new series based on a young Arthur Curry, still learning about his powers. The name "Aquaman" will not be mentioned, and Curry "won't be talking to fish or riding a seahorse," Gough said.

The new project won't be a spinoff. To underline that point, Alan Ritchson, the actor who played Curry on "Smallville," isn't under consideration for the role in the pilot. "He did a wonderful job on the show, but this is going to be a different version of the 'Aquaman' legend," Gough said. The pilot "will be different than what you saw on 'Smallville.' That was our out-of-town trial version."


Speaking of Atlantean nobility, a source at Superhero Hype caught up with director Chris Columbus at a press event for "Rent," where the "Harry Potter" director showed little inclination for water work. "[He] mentioned that he probably won't be doing a movie based on the Marvel Comics character Prince Namor, better known as Sub-Mariner, as previously announced by Variety last year. Right now, he says that he doesn't know what he will do next, and he probably won't even think about it until after he's done promoting his new film."


Variety also reports that Chris Morgan, who wrote Universal's upcoming "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," has been hired by the studio to adapt the comic book "The Psycho." David Engel is producing for Circle of Confusion, with partners Lawrence Mattis and Jason Lust executive producing.


Reuters has a story saying that comedienne Wanda Sykes and actor Rainn Wilson have joined the cast of the Uma Thurman-fueled superhero comedy.


There's a story over at FishBowlLA, about how "Derailed" director Mikael Hafstrom might direct the cyborg-based Marvel adaptation. "Over at the under-new-management Paramount, execs were eager to make a deal with "Derailed's" director, Mikael Hafstrom. So much so, they've put him to work on Paramount's Marvel Comics' title, "Deathlok" as a priority development deal. All was going well, except for one problem: Harvey's got an option on Hafstrom, and insiders say he's not letting go so easily of his new Swede." David Self rewrote the big screen adaptation. Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner wrote the first draft of the script.


Kryptonsite has a set of screen captures, from a new trailer that looks at all of season five, and a specific one for upcoming episode "Solitude."


According to Hollywood North Report, Marvel Entertainment have announced the development of the live-action television pilot Skrull Kill Krew, based on the 1996 Marvel three-issue comic book series. Really!


Stan "The Man" is at it again, or so says Sci Fi Wire. Comic writer Stan Lee told Sci Fi Wire that he's rewriting the first draft of his new superhero movie Foreverman for Paramount Pictures with Hellboy co-writer Peter Briggs. "I'm producing this with Bob Evans for Paramount, and I get to work with a lot of great directors and writers nowadays," Lee said. "Peter Briggs is coming from England next week. He sent me the first draft, and we will be working on a rewrite together."


A scooper for Superhero Hype saw screenwriter David Koepp (who wrote the first "Spider-Man" movie) in Los Angeles, and Koepp talked about what he wanted for sequels. "He said that he had a plan to introduce Gwen Stacey in part 2 and have Harry become the second green goblin. The GG would then kill Gwen the old Marvel way by throwing her off the top of the bridge. When asked why, since that already happened to MJ in the first movie, David replied that it was planned that way ... a complete circle for Spider-Man."


There's more shooting along the roads of Australia, according to the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority. The commute may be complicated by superhero action on Elizabeth St. from Hunter St. to Market St. and surrounding areas (among other areas) this Saturday.


Moviehole notes that Australian actress Jessica Gower tells has been cast in Spike TV's small-screen spin-off of "Blade." Jill Wagner, Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones and Neil Jackson also star in the series.


In the final part of a long interview, producer Michael Uslan talked to Batman-On-Film about the tortured cinematic road of Bruce Wayne and what was really accomplished in the Nolan film.


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