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Hellboy 3, Arrow, Captain America: The Winter Soldier: July 18th Comic Reel

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Hellboy 3, Arrow, Captain America: The Winter Soldier: July 18th Comic Reel


According to a report by Perez Hilton, “Pacific Rim” director Guillermo Del Toro announced he was interested in doing another “Hellboy” film.

“I can say publicly that now we are together in trying [to do Hellboy 3],” Del Toro told Perez Hilton.

Although Del Toro’s enthusiasm for another “Hellboy” film warms the hearts of Hellboy fans everywhere, “Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola said there will be no “Hellboy 3” during his CCI spotlight panel. Not the most auspicious beginnings for the threequel.


“Arrow” pilot director David Nutter; writers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg; and stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy spoke with CBR about the pilot and development of the show, specifically the darker and more realistic tone of the series.

“Superpowers just don’t exist in our world,” said Guggenheim. “It’s the world outside your window. Not just that, but the reaction that people have to him are as realistic as we can make them. For example, Green Arrow’s not going to run around calling himself the Green Arrow. He’s not going to say, ‘This is a job for Green Arrow’ because if you were a vigilante, you wouldn’t do that. It’ll be a while on the show before we settle on a consistent nickname. The cops have to name him something, the press name him something, but everyone will be using different names. They don’t all immediately go, ‘Oh, let’s all get together and agree he’s called Green Arrow.’ That’s not how it works. We’re throwing names out left and right. In episode three, I have a cop calling him ‘Hunger Games.'”

Stephen Amell Tweeted that “Arrow” begins shooting today in a hilarious manner.

“We start shooing Arrow tomorrow,” Amell said. “I’m ratcheting up Oliver’s hatred of criminals by assembling IKEA products.”

Premieres this fall on the CW


No surprise with this news, but Sebastian Stan (who played James “Bucky” Barnes in “Captain America: The First Avenger”) will likely return for the sequel. Stan signed a six picture deal with Marvel Studios and considering Bucky returns as a character called the Winter Soldier in the comics, it seems pretty likely Stan’s character will get resurrected for the “Captain America” sequel.

Opens April 4, 2014


Bleeding Cool has a brief report about a possible action sequence in “Man of Steel” where Superman “breaks apart a building and uses the building itself as a weapon in some kind of ‘super martial art’ fashion.” The example specifically used is “girders as throwing stars.”

Opens June 14, 2013


Star News Online has posted photos of the latest “Iron Man 3” stunt, involving actors suspended from wires and cables in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

Opens May 3, 2013


The midnight release happens tomorrow night and there’s not much news left to reveal before the big day. However, has a quote from Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward about his cameo in the film as one of the Gotham Rogues — you probably saw him in the first trailer outrunning a giant chasm in the football field.

“I’ve run scared before, but I really ran scared that day,” Ward told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “They told me, ‘Don’t look back.’ I felt the explosion when I was running. I had to wear earplugs. Usually, I’m smiling when I’m running, but that day I was actually screaming.”

Warner Bros. India has posted this final TV spot before the release of the film. Not much new here, but worth taking a look.

Finally, a weird tidbit from our own Robot 6 concerning Rush Limbaugh, who supports the theory that Bane is a left-wing conspiracy, comparing the villain’s name to the homophone Bain — the venture-capital company co-founded by Mitt Romney. The entire thing is pretty bizarre and Robot 6 does a good job debunking the theory. Be sure to check out the post in its entirety.

Opens July 20


MTV has posted a semi-round-up of the “Star Trek 2” villain rumors — beginning with Roberto Orci denying that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. While the writers didn’t give anything up, Alex Kurtzman did share his feelings on sequels.

“Sequels are about the bad guy. The first movie is really about the first characters coming together, and how they become the bridge crew,” Kurtzman told IAmRogue. “In the second movie, the reason that a bad guy is so important is that he has to test that.”

Opens May 17, 2013


While speaking with MTV, actress Danai Gurira spoke about her training with Michonne’s iconic katana.

“It was really kind of amazing to step in trying to learn it,” Gurira told MTV. “And it’s an ongoing process, but it’s really kind of how [Michonne] interprets that weapon, and that’s kind of been really, really enjoyable to do. And intense and challenging physically, but in the best ways.”

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Premieres this fall on AMC


“Finding Nemo” is getting a sequel and according to Spinoff Online, “John Carter” director Andrew Stanton plans to return to animation for the film. Supposedly, Stanton has officially boarded the project, but Pixar hasn’t confirmed development. “Finding Nemo” was a big hit for the studio, grossing nearly $870 million worldwide and won the Academy Award for best animated feature.


“Dredd” star Olivia Thirlby spoke with Dread Central about her role as Judge Anderson in the upcoming film.

“The appeal [of Anderson] was the amazing script and the amazing character that Alex Garland wrote for this,” Thirlby told Dread Central. “Dredd didn’t read like a normal genre script; the characters felt so real and the circumstances felt so realistic. There’s something I really like about the heroes in this film and about this world in general. They are just men and women really; they don’t have superhuman strength, or they’re not gods from a different planet — they’re just really brave and they feel really real to me.”

Thirlby and Karl Urban also stopped by the CBR Yacht, where they spoke about their experience on the film.

Opens September 21


Yesterday, there was a rumor that Jessica Biel had been offered the role of Viper for the upcoming “The Wolverine” film. However, Collider reports that talks have broken down and Fox is now looking at other actors for the role.

Opens July 26, 2013

Got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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