Hellboy 2, Transformers 2, Iron Man: April 8th Comic Reel Wrap


What's up with viral sites these days? Judging from the tail end of the trailer, there's a mysterious new one counting down to ... something.


A report at KYW Newsradio notes that the Robots in Disguise are headed for the city of brotherly love. "With the Writers' strike, it really slowed down the immediate effect that we were going to have as a result of these tax credits and now that that strike is resolved we're rushing to get a bunch of movies made before the actors go on strike," said Sharon Pinkenson, executive director of the  Greater Philadelphia Film Office. As for the trouble caused by giant robots, Pinkenson said, "Let's just say the destruction part is going to be digitally enhanced."


A second clip from the movie, called "Run Before You Walk" has been posted at Apple.com.


Make up artist Edward French posted some photos on his website geting James Marsters into character as Piccolo.


Director Lexi Alexander also updated her website with a note that the studio seems pleased with the work thus far. "Thank God it went well and, although I'll probably have to compromise on a few minor notes, it’s not nearly as bad as some of my filmmaker friends predicted it would be," Alexander wrote. "I guess I got away with an actual okay studio experience (knocking on wood since it’s not quite over yet). They also moved our release date to December 5th, which is, according to my reps, a much, much better date."


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