Hellboy 2, Superman, Fantastic Four, Preacher: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 30


Countingdown.com has received an exclusive scoop from an alleged insider calling herself "Hellmistress." Among the tidbits she gleaned from a sit down with Guillermo del Toro, "BPRD Agent John Myers (Rupert Evans) will not be returning for the sequel, since the love triangle storyline fully played out in the first film. Psychic fish-man (and fan favorite) Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), however, will have a significantly larger role to play in this entry ... Johann Kraus, a physical medium who lost his body in a seance accident and must now exist as an ectoplasmic mass living in a containment suit, will be joining the BPRD in the sequel. The evil mechanical nazi zombie Kroenen will not return, although del Toro hopes to bring him back for a third installment of the franchise ... The film will be shot on location in Europe, but not Prague, as costs have spiraled over the past couple years, with more and more film productions taking place there. The new locations are still to be determined ... The film's budget will likely be very close to the budget of the original film, somewhere between $60-70 million (as a point of reference, the first film cost $65 million) ... The script is already underway, being written by del Toro and series creator Mike Mignola. This writing will not interfere with Mignola's current work on the 'Hellboy' comic series, however, as he is busy tweaking a new mini-series, 'Hellboy: The Island' ... It's possible that before 'Hellboy 2', del Toro will direct 'At the Mountains of Madness', an adaptation of the classic HP Lovecraft horror novel. 'Hellboy' star Ron Perlman will be playing McTighe in the film, if it gets the final greenlight."


Reports of "Smallville's" demise may have been greatly exaggerated: Bluetights.net has an interview with Jeph Loeb where the multi-media writer says, "It would be great to have Tom play Superman in the movie -- it's the perfect transition. But that would push the movie back two years since we're planning through Season 6 at least and that's not going to happen. They'll find someone great -- they always do!"


Kryptonsite is back at work with a new rumor on who will be speeding their way into the Kansas town as a DCU guest star: actor Kyle Gallner will play Bart Allen in an episode entitled "Run." This information is considered only "probable" by even Kryptonsite's staff, who last week corrected themselves about singer Ben Jelen getting the part.

They also provide considerable fresh spoilers about the season's sixth episode, "Transference," where Lionel Luthor and Clark Kent switch bodies.


How about some set pictures from Vancouver? Hollywood North Report is happy to provide.


According to Comingsoon.net, the New Line graphic novel adaptation will begin filming in Toronto on September 7 and continue on until November 17. Toronto fans can get ready to look for William Hurt, Ed Harris and "Lord of the Rings" star Viggo Mortensen around town.


The Telegraph has an article about the new Bat-flick with details on shoots in England and Chicago and quotes from director Chris Nolan and actors Katie Holmes and Christian Bale. Nolan waxes on about grounding Batman in reality, and Bale reveals that he's already signed up for two sequels.


According to Hollywood North Report, the Garth Ennis adaptation is slated to begin shooting in Vancouver this fall, with one additional week of filming being done in either Texas or Saskatchewan. They have no word on whether or not actor James Marsden is still attached to play the title role.


ICv2 reports that Top Cow announced that Witchblade is coming back in another form: "One of the major announcements at the Top Cow panel at Wizard World Chicago was the licensing of Witchblade to the Japanese studio Gonzo Digimation (Blue Submarine #6, Last Exile, Burst Angel) for the production of a 26-episode anime TV series. Matt Hawkins of Top Cow told ICv2 that Gonzo would drop the character of Sara Pezzini, the heroine of the American comics and TV series, in favor of a Japanese policewoman, who comes into possession of the mystical blade."


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