Hellboy 2, Speed Racer, Heroes, Transformers: May 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Doug Jones had a lot to say this weekend, starting out with quotes in USA Weekend magazine where he discussed both sequels he's worked on. "Yeah, this is going to be multiple-critter Dougie again," Jones said. "I'm going to be playing Abe Sapien in a much bigger role, so that will be a few more months of work than the first 'Hellboy.' Then let's throw in the Angel of Death in a great scene that I don't want to tell you about. This is my choice because when I read that part of the script I got goose bumps and I said, 'I love this character, I love this moment, and the fans are going to wet themselves when they see this!' The other character is the Chamberlain. The Chamberlain is sort of a door-keeper for the bad guys. He is somebody you have to pass through to get to the chamber of the evil nemesis of the film. So he's kind of a goofy character that is going to be fun. Then there's a possible fourth one, sort of a befuddled wizard. I think he's going to be more of a fly-by. There are scenes in this where it needs lots of creatures to fill the screen. So it looks like I'm going to be a fourth one, perhaps. I will be very busy, and when I have a day off it may not be a day off [laughs]."

What will his expanded role as Abe Sapien be like? Jones is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about his amphibious character's romantic life. "His love life is something that's never been tapped into before," Jones said. "So just like a 13-year-old with his first crush, this is how you're going to see Abe this time. A portion of him. Will this affect his decision-making powers? Does it make us stupid when we're in love for the first time? It did me, so let's see what happens to Abe."

He also sets the record straight, for once and for all, that his voice will be the one of Abe Sapien, or so he said in a video interview with IESB.


A note at International Herald Tribune, South Korean pop star Rain is in negotiations to take on a role in the Wachowski Brothers-helmed live action film.


More video previews from tonight's episode "Landslide?" Got 'em right here at CBR.

We also have a report about a network conference call with some of the show's stars.


Superhero Hype made a visit to the set, and has posted a set of interviews with the cast and director of the blockbuster-to-be.

Meanwhile, actress Megan Fox told Eye on Gambling how hard it is to be an attractive starlet. "I used to be a waitress and guys putting their hands in the wrong places was a common part of my job," Fox said. "It's no secret that diners hire hot girls as waitresses. It's the same with acting. People want to see pretty people on screen. It's a fantasy world."

Also, the film has some pretty big advertising going up, as can be seen in photos and coverage at ENI.

Finally, director Michael Bay posted a behind-the-scenes featurette showing one of the Autobots, ready to roll.


A story in the Hollywood Reporter notes that Industrial Light & Magic will be the principal visual effects house on the Jon Favreau-helmed Marvel movie. Visual effects supervisor Ben Snow is heading up the ILM team with animation supervisor Hal Hickel. Wayne Billheimer is producing for ILM, with Gretchen Libby as ILM's executive producer on the project. Chris Boyes will be the film's sound design and lead re-recording mixer. Nelson won an Oscar for "Gladiator." Snow served as a VFX supervisor on "Star Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Clones." Hickel earned an Academy Award this year for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." Boyes is a four-time Oscar winner for "Dead Man's Chest," "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," "Pearl Harbor" and "Titanic."


Teaser page for the sequel? You know you wanna click it.


Still piling on the money -- we've got a CBR special report.


The network has posted an extended trailer for the season finale. Kryptonsite has screen captures from the trailer for the next episode while their arch enemies at Devoted to Smallville have a gallery of screen captures from last Thursday's episode, "Prototype."


Keeping it Kryptonian, screenwriter Dan Harris let a minor comment slip to Collider that may be telling about the sequel: "Superman is only as good as his villains." Could Kal-El be outnumbered this time?

Meanwhile, film execs Bryan Singer, Richard Donner, Gil Adler, Dan Harris, Michael Dougherty, Michael Thau and Tom Mankiewicz talked to IESB in video interviews discussing winning a slew of Saturn Awards.


Watch the whole pilot online? Thanks, Adult Swim!


Dodge has been airing a new spot featuring the Fantasticar, and it's finally online ...


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