Hellboy 2, Son of the Mask, The Flash, Smallville: December 17th Comic Reel Wrap


IESB caught up with Ron Perlman for a video interview (Windows Media only) where he said that filming should start on the Mike Mignola sequel next month.


According to Sci Fi Wire, actor Jamie Kennedy had nothing but praise for director Lawrence Guterman. "Larry is very cool," Kennedy said. "He's an artist. He's a film maker at heart, and he knows how to make it so no shot's ever going to be boring. He just makes it look amazing, from the angles he uses to how the camera discovers what you're doing. He really likes to tell the story with pictures. He made me feel very confident. Visually it's important to him that the movie look and feel a certain way as much [as] it is funny and has heart. I mean, he's very good at that. There are certain scenes in the movie where Alan Cumming [Loki] is chasing me, and it's kind of ominous and dark, and Larry lighted it a certain way and shoots with certain filters. The moments with me and my wife are all bright and cheery."


Variety reports that David Goyer will write, direct and produce a big screen adaptation of the Fastest Man Alive. "'Flash' is my favorite of the properties," said Goyer, "I think the character of the Flash, who moves faster than the speed of light, opens itself up to rich cinematic and story ideas."


Actress Kristin Kreuk talked to TV Guide and -- as always -- seemed happy about what's going on with the show. "I've had so much fun [this season]," Kreuk said. "Jensen is wonderful. To be in your character and laugh and to have that kind of relationship with another person on the show has been so lovely. I don't think Lana and Clark have ever really laughed together. They have had this intense, serious relationship, and to have another level is just so fun. [Lana]'s entirely different. I enjoy changing it up. The show has evolved a lot - we were going darker last year, which actually I thought was kind of interesting. We went more adult, but it wasn't appealing to the same audience anymore. So they brought it back to more youth and more sex."

Meanwhile, the team at Kryptonsite have been busy tracking down the identities of characters for upcoming episodes, including Colby Johannon as "Coop" in the 13th episode, "Recruit," and Nick Pernisco as "Jack Garner" in the February 2nd episode "Pariah."


Anxious to get a look at how some of the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat flick will look? Those whimsical monopolists at Diamond are here to help, posting images from series one of the action figure collection for the film.


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