Hellboy 2, G.I. Joe, Heroes: December 20th Comic Reel Wrap


A third sequel? Director Guillermo del Toro says "sure" according to quotes at Sci Fi Wire. "The way Mike [Mignola] and I did approach this was, when we were told, 'Think about something, if you want, for a sequel,' we went away and said, 'Let's talk about it,'" del Toro said. "Do we want to continue the story?' We did the first one saying, 'That's it. It's a self-concluding story.' And I said, 'Let's come up with an arc that makes sense for us for the second and third movie.' We said, 'This is the story. This is how we end in the third movie.' And then I went in and wrote a self-conclusive screenplay [for the second movie]. So if there's never a third one, I'm perfectly at peace."

Meanwhile, Comics2Film has some new production stills from the sequel.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, in addition to the casting news from earlier, actors Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Said Taghmaoui have joined the cast as ordnance expert Heavy Duty and communications expert Breaker respectively.


The quality may not be the best, but take a look at a sneak peek at the next volume of the story, "Villains." Mmm, Sylar-iffic!


How about a new clip from the Strause-helmed action movie? Here ya go ...


The latest strike casualty? The People's Choice Awards -- a report from E! Online notes that "the 34th annual People's Choice Awards will slash its red carpet, it was confirmed Wednesday. Organizers, meanwhile, announced a "reinvention" of the telecast as a pretaped, "magazine-style format" show: Think two-hour special, rather than Christine Lahti-caught-in-the-bathroom live TV." The show has not received a waiver by the WGA, but will include taped speeches from winners. Also feeling the pain: LA's Shrine Auditorium, suddenly not needed because the event won't be live.

Speaking of waivers, David Letterman's Worldwide Pants meets with the WGA on Friday to try and get back on the air with its writers on January 2nd.

The LA City Council asked members of the WGA and AMPTP to come to a meeting, but according to Nikki Finke, the studios snubbed the event. Instead, on the AMPTP's behalf, the Motion Picture Association of America inserted a statement into the record. "MPAA got involved because they rep us before the City Council, and because it was their area of expertise - economic impact," an insider told Finke. "The MPAA represents the companies before all levels of government throughout the world. MPAA also provides economic data and information on the motion picture and television business to the public, on behalf of our members. But you are right that no individual from MPAA or AMPTP took part in the actual hearing." The WGA was there in force at 7:30 AM, despite pouring rain -- an oddity in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, there's been a dispute over an online ad that Variety posted which could cast strike coverage in a negative light, as well as complaints that Disney/ABC is striking down pro-strike commentary.

Comics2Film has an article about a Boston strike rally which was attended by creator Joss Whedon, Daily Show writer Rob Kutner, and co-creator of neat Sci Fi show Eureka Jaime Paglia. Ooh, video ...

Finally, the writers are bored, their creative muscles hungry for expression ... which might explain Strike Life "a series of improvised shorts performed by WGA members and produced by WGA members, Chris Nolan and Laurie Nolan."


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