Hellboy 2, Elektra, Blade: Trinity: The Comic Reel Wrap for November 12


Veteran actor Jeffrey Tambor spoke to Sci Fi Wire, saying that he's looking forward to getting back into the offices of the BPRD. "I am signed," Tambor said in an interview. "Whether they pick that up, I think they will, thank God I'm alive. Some people didn't make it, you know what I mean? Thank God there was that last little thing they filmed [where I'm] going, 'Hello? Hello?' I hope it works out in terms of scheduling. I don't know where they are, but it was so much fun. I'm sort of that way. It's just interesting just talking about it."


The Movie Box has a new MP3 audio clip of Superman director Bryan Singer talking to LA radio station KROQ about both the film and the casting of Brandon Routh in the title role.


As expected, Yahoo! Movies has posted the trailer for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action film, in Windows Media and glorious QuickTime. Comics Continuum has a few screen captures from the footage aired on Access Hollywood. Cable subscribers can also check out Eletkra: HBO First Look, a behind-the-scenes special of the Elektra movie, which will debut on HBO on Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 9:45 p.m. Like many of the First Look specials, Elektra's will be 13 minutes in length.


Speaking of Comics Continuum, the same page shows some screen captures from special DVD features on the upcoming "Blade/Blade II" twin DVD pack that will have a look ahead at the upcoming blood-soaked sequel.


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