Hellblazer artist Marcelo Frusin inks exclusive with DC, Burchett and Joe Kelly renew

Official Press Release

DC Comics/VERTIGO is pleased to announce that HELLBLAZER artist Marcelo Frusin has signed an exclusive contract. The South American artist, known for his striking use of shadow and light, first drew issue #143 of HELLBLAZER before becoming the regular series artist began with #151. His other VERTIGO work includes the stories "A Walk in the Park" for FLINCH #3, "Imagine" for WEIRD WAR TALES #2, and "First Among Men," for WEIRD WESTERN TALES SPECIAL.

"Marcelo is an amazing talent, and we're very glad to have him on board," says Karen Berger, Executive Editor - VERTIGO. "Along with writer Brian Azzarello, he's helped take one of VERTIGO's flagship titles in a distinctive new direction - and he draws one mean John Constantine."

Says Frusin, "I'm really comfortable working with DC. My editors at VERTIGO have had great confidence in me and have treated me in the best way. And I love HELLBLAZER. This series is ideal for me, and lets me keep evolving my style."

In addition to his work for VERTIGO, Frusin also drew two issues of Magnus, Robot Fighter, a story for X-Men Unlimited #18, and the "Niko Slavo" series in Intrepido Magazine, from Italian publisher Universo.

At the same time, DC is also pleased to announce that artist Rick Burchett (DEADMAN: DEAD AGAIN) and writer Joe Kelly (ACTION COMICS, SUPERBOY) both have renewed their exclusive agreements.

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