Helfer Talks Playing the Mother from Hell -- Literally -- on Fox's "Lucifer"

Tricia Helfer's about become one hot mama -- literally.

The actress, best known for her role as the manipulative Cylon Six on "Battlestar Galactica" and currently guest-starring on PlayStation Network's "Powers," has taken on the role of Lucifer's mother -- and God's ex-wife -- in Fox's adaptation of the Vertigo comic. In "Lucifer's" second season, Helfer will appear as the enigmatic mother of the titular king of Hell -- the very being who's escape from the underworld concerned him greatly at the close of the first season.

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CBR caught up with Helfer at the Saturn Awards, where she offered what devilish little details she could about Lucifer's mother, how quickly viewers will get wise to her plans for fallen son, and whether she'll be returning to "Powers" beyond her recurring Season 2 role.

CBR News: Tell us about your new gig, as the mother of the devil on "Lucifer."

Tricia Helfer: I'm very excited to be joining "Lucifer" for the second season. I think it's a really fun show. I think Tom Ellis does a fantastic job, and I've worked with Lesley-Ann Brandt when she guested on my show "Killer Women," and she was lovely. So not only have I heard wonderful things about the cast and crew, it's just some really fun stories and I'm extremely excited about my character.

Are you able to say anything about the character at this point?

I'm playing Lucifer's mom. At the end of last season, [the show] really set up a little bit of concern and worry that Lucifer had about his mother escaping Hell. So I'm coming down to see him, but I can't give any spoilers away besides that.

Is it a character that's adapted in some way from the Vertigo series?

I have to catch up on that myself as well. I've got my work cut out for me before I head to Vancouver to start filming.

Does that mean you have two TV jobs now? Or is "Powers" maybe this season, and then you'll see?

"Powers" -- I was always kind of guesting, recurring on the second season anyway. Never say never, but it would always be fun to go back. I think Agent Lange definitely would have some stories to go back to if they're lucky enough to get another season, if it goes further. But at this point, yeah. I'm on to "Lucifer."

Creatively, what has you excited about the new role? What is it about that show that you feel like you're going to be able to do something really fun and cool?

I mean, the show is fun. But at the same time, I think people are expecting a certain thing out of my character, and they're going to be surprised, I think. If I had just heard Lucifer's mom was coming, and the worry that Lucifer has about her coming down to have revenge and everything, I would probably be expecting one thing. As an actor, I'm really excited because there's a lot of layers to this character. I'm going to be having some fun.

I can't give away too much, but very quickly, once you meet me, you realize very quickly what this character is about. And then it takes a couple of episodes to see that maybe there's something more to it, more ideas. But in the beginning, you get a sense of her right off the bat.

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