Heavy Metal's "Gates" Soundtrack to Benefit Cancer Charity

Official Press Release

Heavy Metal magazine is proud to announce today the release of its soundtrack to Gates, titled "Volume 1 - The Ascension." All net proceeds from the sale of the audio companion to the comic, which Geek Chic Daily describes as "Dr. Moreau meets 1984. On acid," will benefit the Ronnie James Dio "Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund."

Ronnie James Dio appeared on the 1981 soundtrack for the Heavy Metal film while a member of Black Sabbath. This is Heavy Metal magazine's first soundtrack in over ten years, and one of the first for any webcomic.

Hal Hefner, the creator of Heavy Metal Presents: Gates, worked with artists LoveKrafty and Inside The Black to create all-new music to accompany the comic and brought in other artists including Black 'N Blue, Hemoptysis and Deltanaut (featuring Nick Menza) to complete the comic's music companion. Other artists were selected from a worldwide search for up-and-coming and underground talent.

The complete soundtrack is available today, August 9, for digital download on iTunes and AmazonMP3. The soundtrack will only be available for a limited time.

Hefner says, "The 1981 soundtrack featured various artists, from Devo to Black Sabbath, and I wanted to create something as diverse, while still serving the storyline and tone of the comic. The selection of songs all add depth, dimension and meaning to the comic."

TRACK LISTING:1. "Introduction"2. "Never Forever" - Elysion3. "M.O.D." - Hemoptysis4. "Is This Over Now?" - Inside The Black5. "River" - Nineball6. "The Changing Face of Basements" - Kevin Bryce7. "Cowboy" - The Odd Wedding8. "I Got A Gun" - LoveKrafty9. "Fools Bleed" - Black 'N Blue10. "Video" - CrimsonFaced11. "Of Titans" - Elysion Fields12. "The Entity (Ghostly Lust)" - Rusty Eye13. "This Violent Earth" - HavocHate14. "Where Have I been All My Life" - Friend Slash Lover15. "The King" - Deltanaut16. "The Washing Machine Song" - Jordan Reyne17. "Gates Theme" - LoveKrafty

To download the soundtrack, visit the following links:

For further news and information, please visit http://gates.heavymetal.com

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