DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Heat Wave Seeks (and Possibly Finds) a New Partner

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Abominations," tonight's episode "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," which has not yet aired on the west coast as of publication.

Although he'll most likely be back in non-flashback form at some point, the death of Captain Cold hit hard in the first season of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." Wentworth Miller has always had such a strong grasp on the show's mix of camp and real pathos (something that not every actor on the series manages to nail), and his relationship with his partner in crime, Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), was far more touching than any romance between Hawkpeople could ever be.

Heat's understandably been in somewhat of a funk since losing his closest ally. But it seems that things may be looking up for him in the friendship department after tonight's episode, "Abominations." After a somewhat strange storyline involving slavery and Confederate zombies has been resolved, Atom commiserates with Heat about feeling useless without his suit. In turn, Heat stresses that it makes him an outsider, something that he and Captain Cold have embraced their entire lives. Then comes the grand gesture. Heat Wave hands Atom Leonard Snart's cold gun, telling him that he needs a new partner -- a partner who's also an outsider.

Heat Wave and Atom have been two of the strongest characters on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" since the beginning, so the prospect of them teaming up is a fruitful one. Also, what fan of the show wouldn't want to see Ray try (and probably fail) to play the tough guy? Stay tuned for our full recap and review later tonight.

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