Hear Me ROAR: 15 Female Heroes Who Could OBLITERATE Any Man

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Wonder Woman is currently dominating box office sales and smashing expectations for her first ever solo big screen biopic. Whilst Diana is a demigoddess with super strength that would rival even muscle-bound characters such as the Hulk, she isn’t the only super strong female heroine in the world of comics. With Wonder Woman being the first female led super-hero film in over a decade after a bunch of box office flops before it, there are still many other powerful female characters within the comic book universe that deserve exploration.

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These are characters who deserve more recognition or remain relatively unknown that would be a worthy opponent of some of the strongest heroes in an arm wrestling contest. While comics are still full of damsel-in-distress type characters that require a male protagonist to rescue them, there are plenty of other female characters that can rival any man in strength both physically and mentally. Here is a list of the 15 female heroes that could be considered stronger than any man!

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Ms Marvel Kamala Khan
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Ms Marvel Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan idolized Carol Danvers for many years, and took over her name of Ms Marvel when Carol became Captain Marvel once more. Not only is Kamala a powerful female superheroine, she was the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book series at Marvel. Still only a young teenager, she has proved to be a strong role model for many young people. An Inhuman whose powers manifested after being exposed to the Terrigen mists, she is a shapeshifter with super-human healing, bioluminescence, strength and speed.

Commonly seen enlarging her fists to deliver a powerful blow, she can also shrink down in size similar to Ant-Man. Still a relatively new character within the Marvel universe, there is a lot more that can be explored about this character as she grows both as a woman and a hero, but one thing is for sure, she has proven to be one of the strongest characters around!



Maxima is a morally ambiguous member of the Justice League who is often seen by Superman’s side helping him out. or at least she was until she died. A scion of the Blood Royale family from the planet Almerac, she travelled to Earth to pursue Superman, believing him to be the only suitable mate in the universe for her. Her superpowers are the result of selective breeding and years of gene therapy.

An opponent worthy of going toe to toe with both Superman and Doomsday, her psionic abilities are vast. As well as her powers allowing Maxima to control minds and giving her the skill of psychokinesis, she can create forcefields and powerful optical beams, and is even capable of teleportation. On top of all this, Maxima has unbeatable combination of superhuman strength, speed and durability on par with Superman himself!


WW Ripoffs Barda

Big Barda is arguably the most powerful warrior to ever hail from Apokolips, which is saying quite a lot, really. Breaking the conventions of the time of her creation, she is said to be even more powerful than her husband, Mister Miracle, and is very protective of him. A one-time servant of Darkseid, she escaped with Mister Miracle to the planet New Genesis. Her strength is so powerful that she is considered an equal to Superman and Wonder Woman, and has even been known to fight Wonder Woman to a draw. B

arda’s Apokoliptan physiology means that she is immune to disease, does not age, is resistant to blunt force, as well as having superhuman agility, strength, stamina and speed. Known to have once been part of the deadly Female Furies, and even trained to be their leader before escaping the planet and Darkseid, she is not a character you want to mess with.


Rogue in the X-Men

Rogue is one of Marvel’s most popular heroines, having been a main part of the X-Men team for many years and having an interesting back history. Able to access an infinite amount of abilities by absorbing other mutant’s powers with just a simple touch, she was not always the super strong character she is known for today. Starting life out as a runaway villain brought up by Mystique, she found the X-Men after immense struggles from permanently absorbing not only Ms Marvel’s powers, but her psyche too. After having two minds exist as one, the Ms Marvel psyche was ripped out and destroyed, but the Ms Marvel superpowers remained. With superhuman strength, stamina, durability, reflexes and ability to fly, Rogue has since remained a beloved member of the X-Men family, even while her powers have fluctuated.


halo jones

Halo Jones is not the strongest female physically on this list, but the Ballad of Halo Jones has made grown men cry and has gone down as a cult classic. In a medium dominated by men and scantily clad super-heroines, Halo Jones was in fact created to combat gender roles. A 50th century every woman, she was seen as a feminist icon that wanted to take charge of her own life, and the books told the story of her space adventures. From a poor background, to tales of space voyages and her time as a soldier in an interstellar war, her strength was documented in a three-book saga. The tale of this powerful heroine was never finished due to a dispute between Alan Moore and Fleetway. Instead, fans were left to wonder and make up their own ideas as to what would have happened to Halo.



Power Princess, more commonly known as Zarda, is a Utopian Princess made by Marvel who runs a lot of parallels to DC’s Wonder Woman, which makes sense since she was created to be a pastiche. Living on Utopia Isle, a small island in the South Sea of Earth 712 untouched by other civilization, Utopians were believed to be created due to genetic experimentation by the Kree. During Earth 712’s equivalent to Earth 616’s World War II, Zarda stayed behind whilst the rest of the Utopians fled on a spaceship, and was a founding member of the team of superheroes known as the Squadron Supreme.

Power Princess’s abilities are as vast as they are multifaceted, and include superhuman strength, durability and extremely retarded aging. She can also fly via psionic levitation, and carries a transparent Utopian Shield to defend herself alongside her extensive hand-to-hand combat skills.


Mary Marvel is the alter-ego of Mary Batson, also known by her adopted name of Mary Bromfield. The character was originally created by Fawcett Comics but is now owned by DC. The twin sister of Captain Marvel’s alter ego Billy Batson, she was given her powers by the wizard Shazam. Struck by a lightning bolt that activated her powers, every time she wants to transform into a superheroine she has to say Shazam’s name out loud.

She is said to have the power of the gods (or goddesses depending on the timeline), which include the wisdom of Soloman, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury (spelling SHAZAM). Predating Super-girl, she is one of DC Comics first female superheroes, and has appeared in many TV shows alongside the rest of the Marvel family.


Starfire New 52 revealing costumes

Starfire, also known as Koriand'r, is a princess from the planet Tamaran that was forced into slavery after a jealous betrayal by her own sister. Koriand'r broke free from her capture and escaped to Earth, where she met Dick Grayson, from whom she learned English via a kiss. She subsequently took up the name Starfire and became one of the Teen Titans. Often more well known for her sex appeal than how powerful she is, she even worked as a model using the name Kory Anders.

Starfire’s Tamaran alien physiology allows her to absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it into energy that allows her to fly at supersonic speeds. Since experiments carried out during her imprisonment, Starfire was then able to convert the energy into devastating destructive blows. She also has super-human durability and strength, and can learn any language in the universe just by physical contact with another person.


Molly Hayes is a character by Marvel that debuted in the Runaways. Often appearing on the list of the strongest female comic book characters, she is the youngest of the Runaways, but she is also one of the most powerful. A mutant with superhuman strength and invulnerability, she is the daughter of two human-hating villains that are part of the evil supergroup known as The Pride. When Molly’s powers first manifested, she used to get tired very easily, but as the series has progressed, so has upped her endurance and ability to use her strength for longer periods of time without falling asleep. Known for her animal hats and admiration of the X-Men, she has proved to be a humorous, popular character. Molly will soon get a rise to fame as The Runaways has been commissioned as a Marvel TV show.



Jesse Quick, known as Jesse Chambers, is the daughter of the DC comics Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Inheriting two different sets of powers from both of her parents, she gained super strength from her mother and flight and accelerated speed of the speed force from her father. The super speed and her father’s powers can only be accessed by the visualization of the speed-formula that her father helped her harness, but her mother’s powers can be accessed with ease and are not understand how or why the power manifested themselves. The combination of both super strength and speed makes Jesse a formidable force, and twice as powerful as most heroes, as she can defeat her foes with strength and then escape away from them afterwards with her speed.


Jane Foster flies through space in The Mighty Thor by Russell Dauterman

Jane Foster started out life as a simple human with no special abilities, and was a common supporting character for Thor himself; in 2014 that all changed. After being diagnosed with cancer, Jane accepts an invitation from Thor to represent Midgard in the Congress of the Worlds on Asgard while she undergoes therapy. Thor loses the ability to wield Mjolnir and an unknown woman, later revealed to be Jane herself, picks up Mjolnir and takes possession of Thor's powers.

Jane becomes known as the new Goddess of Thunder, while Thor is demoted to just being known as Odinson. As the goddess of thunder, Jane now has all the abilities that Thor himself used to possess, including powerful superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, flight, and the ability to control storms.


Supergirl, also known as Kara Zor-El, is Superman’s younger cousin. Sent to Earth by her parents as her home of Krypton was destroyed, Supergirl first appeared in “Action Comics” in 1952. Being affected by the sun’s rays on Earth in the same way as her cousin, her powers on Earth are many and powerful. Still learning about her powers, and still very young, she is often considered more dangerous than Superman.

Her vast amount of abilities include flight, invulnerability, x-ray vision, super breath, invulnerability, heat-vision, super-hearing and vast superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. One of the better known characters on this list, Supergirl has had her own solo film that didn’t resonate with fans, but the recent TV rendition with Melissa Benoist at the helm has proved to be very successful.


Carol Danvers has had many names and costumes over the years, and is currently in the comics as a very different looking Captain Marvel. Known as Ms. Marvel before Kamala Khan, she started out life without any superpowers, only gaining them after a Kree devise exploded while both she and the alien Kree Captain Marvel were together. The explosion caused a genetic fusion between Carol and Captain Marvel, making her a Kree-human hybrid. Her abilities have come and gone over the years after various experimentations and a famous battle with Rogue, but those that have remained constant include superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, and flight.

Superpowers aside, she is also a very intelligent and fierce character, having been in the Air-Force, worked as a top female journalist, been a part of the NASA team, has helped the Avengers and has even spent time in space with the Starjammers when she was exiled as Binary. With Carol Danvers about to get her own solo film, she could be Marvel’s equivalent of Wonder Woman if the film is successful.


Jennifer Walters, better known by her alias She-Hulk, is another example of a character who is not only strong physically but mentally too. A successful lawyer, she is known for her intelligence throughout the Marvel universe, and has helped a number of superheroes with legal advice. Her life drastically changed after she had an emergency blood transfusion, but it was the gamma infused blood of her cousin Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk, that saved her life.

Unlike Hulk, Jennifer’s personality remains when she transforms, but she has the same strength as her cousin. In fact, it has been said she has a more powerful base strength, though not as exponential as when Hulk gets angry. She also has the green skin that apparently runs in the family. Often said to be the strongest female in the Marvel universe, she has been a part of many superhero teams over the years, including the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and she has even led the all-female superhero team known as A-Force.



Part of the Holy Trinity of DC, Wonder Woman is by far DC comic’s most powerful female heroine that can easily rival the strength and power of ANY male character. Seen as an equal next to Batman and Superman in intelligence, fighting skill and strength, she is an Amazonian demigoddess warrior who is often seen as a beacon of hope, courage and strength. A highly skilled warrior, Diana has superpowers that make her a tough fight for any enemy, including super strength, flight, superhuman agility, a healing factor, and her magic weaponry.

Powers aside, her character is known for a strength of morality and an unwavering bearing for the truth. With her self-titled movie currently smashing box office expectations and the Justice League film coming soon, her character has made a lasting impact on not only comic book fans but mainstream movie goers too.

Who do you think is the most powerful woman in comics? Let us know in the comments!

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