Head for the high ground! Marvel's 2nd Tsunami hits May '03

Last month Marvel Comics announced over a series of three press conferences a number of new titles published under their Tsunami initiative. During the press conferences Marvel said that the first wave, featuring the titles "Namor," "Venom," "Sentinel," "Human Torch," "Mystique" and "Runaways," was just the beginning and that a second wave would be landing shortly.

Today, Marvel made it official. The publisher revealed the books, part of the second Tsunami wave, would be hitting comic stores in May of this year and named the new titles and shared with the press a look at the covers for the first issue of each book as well as the make up of their respective creative teams. The new titles are:


A 6-issue limited-series by manga super-star Tsutomu Nihei!

In a barren wasteland, Wolverine battles against parasitic robot organisms, as well as devolving into his savage, berserker state forever!


A new Ongoing Series starring the next generation of Inhumans by Sean ("Sentinel," "The Waiting Place") McKeever & Matthew Clark!


The events of "Truth: Red, White & Black" rock today's Marvel Universe in this new ongoing series by Priest, Joe Bennett & Danny Miki!


The New Mutants are back! But what happens when they meet ... the New Mutants?? Find out in this brand new ongoing series by "Sinkwalker's" Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir, Keron ("New X-Men") Grant & cover artist Josh Middleton!

Marvel promised more information on these titles will be released shortly. Look for more here at CBR when that information becomes available.

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