Head 'Back to the Future' with your own DIY hoverboard

Humanity has been longing for a sci-fi hoverboard since the 1989 release of Back to the Future Part II -- so much so that we were eager to believe a mind-blowing working model would hit the market last year. A couple of official (if non-hovering) replicas have been released over the past few years, most recently by HalloweenCostumes.com, but why shell out $49 for one of those when you can make your own?

In his latest video, Dustin McLean of "DIY Prop Shop" shows all of us budding Marty McFlys how to build a futuristic hoverboard using everyday materials you can find around the house, and at the local 99-cent store. Alas, this too is a prop, but it will have to do until technology gets off its butt and makes the real thing available, not to mention affordable.

McLean even made the hoverboard decals available as a printable PDF.

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