He-Man and G.I. Joe join Ubisoft's 'Toy Soldiers: War Chest'

If Ubisoft's Toy Soldiers: War Chest wasn't on your radar before, it undoubtedly will be now: The company revealed this morning the toy-versus-toy action and strategy game will include characters from Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe.

The fourth game in the Signal Studios series, it's billed as a battle of eight armies, with "one toy box to defend." Judging from the trailer, it's effectively an epic bedroom-floor battle imagined by sugar-fueled 8-year-old, using all the toys in the box. Only, y'know, played out in a video game.

Two more licensed franchises will be announced before the game's digital release later this summer for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

(via Kotaku)

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