HBO's ill-fated racetrack drama Luck continues online

David Milch's ironically named drama Luck was anything but fortunate, as HBO canceled the racetrack drama last year, less than two months into its first season, amid criticism surrounding the on-set deaths of three horses. Fans of the critically acclaimed series, which starred Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina and Nick Nolte, were left wondering after those nine episodes aired what the future might hold for Ace Bernstein, Gus Demitriou and Lonnie McHinery and the other degenerates at Santa Anita Park. Well, wonder no more.

John Perrotta, a writer and story editor on Luck, is continuing the drama as an online serial at America's Best Racing illustrated by Jen Ferguson. It's not really a webcomic, and it's not really fan fiction, as Perrotta actually helped to create the show. But it is kind of weird and wonderful.

What's more, we can rest assured that no animals were injured in the making of the story.

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