HBO's <i>Game of Thrones</i> Brings Back Neil Marshall For Season 4 Finale

Filmmaker Neil Marshall, who directed Game of Thrones' climactic Season 2 episode "Blackwater," will return for the fourth-season finale, Empire reports. (Warning: A minor spoiler may follow.)

Best known for such films as Doomsday, Dog Soldiers and Centurion, Marshall was hired at the last minute to helm the most complicated, and most expensive, episode of the HBO drama's second season after the original director had to drop out because of a family emergency.

"We were scrambling. We were like going over the list of who is available. And most of it was really terrifying," co-showrunner David Benioff told EW.com last year. "And then on that list Neil Marshall’s name pops out. He did Centurion and Dog Soldiers, movies where the guy’s doing an incredible amount of really intensive, impressive action on a thin budget. He had never seen [Thrones] before. We had to give him a crash course. But he’s such a fast learner and so enthusiastic and just fell in love with it and ended up being a great choice."

According to Empire's source, the Season 4 finale will center on the battle between Mance Rayder's Wilding forces and the Night's Watch at Castle Black.

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