HBO to Launch Stand-Alone Streaming Service in 2015

HBO Chairman and CEO Richard Plepler announced a massive change to the way his company does business during today's Time Warner's investor day presentation.

As reported by Variety, the cable channel plans to launch a stand-alone HBO streaming service in the United States next year in an effort to, as Plepler said, "remove all barriers to those who want HBO."

"We will go beyond the wall and launch a stand-alone over-the-top service with the potential to produce hundred of millions of dollars in revenue," he added. "We have a huge opportunity in front of us. We will use all means at our disposal to go after it."

HBO was previously only available to those with the channel included in their cable package. Plepler pointed out that there are now ten million broadband-only homes, who presumably get all their entertainment from the internet and streaming services. HBO's previous streaming service, HBO Go, depended on a cable contract to be accessed. That will all change in 2015.

Details were scarce, with Plepler only saying that the plan was to "work with current partners and explore models with new partners." Plepler made it clear that HBO plans to work with cable and other programming distributors, and that he believes it will entice them as well because "it's their broadband. They’re going to make money."

And a lot of people will finally be able to stop sharing their HBO Go account.

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