HBO Max Will Host Every DC Live-Action Film

HBO Max announced that every live-action DC Comics superhero film will be available within the first year of the streaming service's May 2020 launch. This includes every Batman and Superman movie from the last 40 years.

The announcement was made at an investors event on Tuesday, Oct. 29, and was confirmed via the HBO Max Twitter account.

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It's not just the heroes that will get the spotlight. Todd Phillips' Joker will also be available to stream on both HBO and HBO Max starting in 2020. The film is currently the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time.

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The 40 year time period that HBO Max mentioned would mean that nearly every DC live-action film will end up on the streaming platform. However, one exception could be 1978's Superman. The 1978 release date places it out of the 40 year time frame that HBO Max discussed, meaning it may not be included. However, it is unlikely that the streaming service will let that movie stand on the sidelines, as it launched the early Superman franchise and spawned multiple sequels.

Other films that fans can expect include Batman (1989), The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Aquaman and many, many more.  

HBO Max launches in May 2020.

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