HBO Isn't Having A <i>Miraculous Year</i>

Despite ordering and producing a pilot episode, The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow and The Aviator writer John Logan's television project Miraculous Year will not be going forward at HBO.

Deadline reports that the network has decided not to proceed with the project, which starred Norbet Leo Butz as a self-destructive Broadway composer, Frank Langella as his powerful painter father, and Hope Davis as his attorney sister. Linus Roache, Susan Sarandon and Lee Pace were also involved with the pilot episode. According to Deadline, the focus of the show as believed to be too narrow for mainstream audiences to get behind.

Even with Miraculous Year off the table, HBO has some big plans for its original series lineup: the network ordered the Dustin Hoffman-starring Luck to series, Diane Keaton's Tilda remains in development, Justin Theroux and Steve Coogan's Documental just received a pilot order and, of course, Steve Buscemi's Boardwalk Empire is currently thriving on Sunday nights.

All in all, things are just fine for HBO, even if they're no longer home to the best original television projects these days -- AMC and FX for the win -- though that's an argument for another day and another post, methinks.

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