Japan's Miss Sherlock Detective Series Comes to HBO Go

HBO’s first Japanese production, Miss Sherlock, will become available to HBO Go users this weekend.

Starting Sept. 1, audiences will be able to check out the newest international HBO series. Co-produced with Hulu in Japan, Miss Sherlock is also the first Japanese series to premiere on the network. The series is a reimagining of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories. Set in present day Tokyo, the series focuses on a gender bent take on the mythos by casting Yuko Takeuchi (Flashforward) and Shiori Kabjiya (Kuchizuke) as Sherlock and Dr. Watson, now Dr. Wato Tachibana.

Yukiyoshi Ozawa (The Forest), who plays Sherlock’s elder brother Kendo (a stand-in for Mycroft Holmes), spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his role.

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“I'm not trying to offend any guys, but some types of guys think very square," said Ozawa. "Women are more sensitive and know how to touch people's hearts, so they know how to win the game. I think they make better private detectives.”

Naturally, the two women spark up a friendship and partnership as they investigate the crimes no one else can solve. Like with other recent takes on the premise (like Sherlock and Elementary), this new approach showcases the flexibility of the concept. A trailer has been released that showcases Takeuchi especially, as she tries to investigate a case where people are dropping dead from bombs in their stomachs.

Miss Sherlock goes live on HBO Go Sept. 1.

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