HBO Feels <i>Luck</i>y About New Horse Racing Series

HBO might be about to deliver another winner in the drama department, mixing familiar creators with a couple of people more known for their movie work: The cable network has picked up a new series written by Deadwood's David Milch, directed by Michael Mann, and starring Dustin Hoffman.

The show, Luck, centers around the world of horse racing from those who own the horses to those that bet on them (No news yet as to which one Hoffman will be, but I'm hoping for the latter). HBO programming president Michael Lombardo was effusive about the series, which also stars Nick Nolte, Dennis Farina and Ian Hart, amongst others:

Michael Mann delivered a pilot from David Milch's brilliant script that took our breath away. We are truly excited that these two artists, and our extraordinary cast headed by Dustin Hoffman, will be bringing 'Luck' to life.

Normally, I'd be cynical of such hype, but come on: Mann and Milch? That sounds amazing.

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