HBO Developing Epic Fantasy Series Based on Asunda Comics

Move over Game of Thrones, HBO is set to develop a series based on Stranger Comics' fantasy comic series called Asunda.

Asunda is the shared universe created by Sebastian A. Jones, who runs the Stranger Comics imprint, and is akin to Westeros from Game of Thrones. According to Deadline, the network is eyeing a story revolving around the one of the publisher's most prominent characters, the orphan girl Niobe. In the war-torn world of Asunda, she seeks to to become a messiah and fend off an ancient, mysterious evil threatening the realm.

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Niobe's father was a king in a country modeled after England and Europe, while her mother was the kidnapped female chief of a nomadic tribe of African elves. Her stories include comics such as Niobe: She Is Life and Niobe: She Is Death, which detailed the search for answers from the past, as well as how her ancestors helped put her on a mystical path to save her homeland.

Jones will act as executive producer and co-writer as HBO looks to unearth another gem the same way it did with George R.R. Martin's stories. Jones has been influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth epics as well as Greek mythology.

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Stranger Comics has also released other titles -- Dusu, Erathune and Essessa -- named for people or places in Asunda. Those stories also hold a rich history that's filled with swords and sorcery, which has an established audience at the network.

HBO has not released a prospective release date or any casting information about Asunda.

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