Knock Out Thanos With Hayabusa's Marvel Hero Elite Series Boxing Gloves

Combat sport equipment retailer Hayabusa has partnered with Marvel Entertainment for a new line of Marvel Hero Elite Series boxing gloves.

These boxing gloves, which are slated to be released in March, feature designs inspired by some of Marvel's most popular heroes.

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Hayabusa's Marvel Hero Elite Series features gloves inspired by the big screen versions of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Black Panther. However, in addition to the movies, Marvel Television is also getting some representation with a pair of gloves inspired by the Netflix version of the Punisher. Moreover, Punisher karategis, rash guard shirts and fight shorts have also been revealed as a part of the Marvel Hero Elite series.

"It's our first go with character-based gloves," Hayabusa spokesperson Eddie Daniels said. "Everything that we've done in the past has been strictly on fighting, whether it's training or live fights."

On that note, the Ontario-based company's Marvel gloves are definitely made with training in mind, as opposed to actual boxing matches. They feature added cushioning to protect the hands during repeated punching, as well as extra wrist support. Hayabusa has an entirely separate line of gloves made for live fights.

"These gloves can be used for pad work, for sparring with other individuals, for heavy bag workouts," Daniels explained. "We've done a lot of studies on hand support and wrist injuries and our gloves are based on these studies.

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Hayabusa's Marvel Hero Elites boxing gloves are currently available for pre-order. Each pair of gloves is listed at $229.99 USD.

(via The Toronto Star)

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