Hawthorne and Oni take Europe this November

Official Press Release

Oni Press is pleased to announce the return of Mike Hawthorne to its hallowed halls! This November sees the release of two fantastic Hawthorne-related projects. Kicking things off is the trade paperback collection of THREE DAYS IN EUROPE. This critically acclaimed romantic screwball comedy features a script and story by Antony Johnston (THE COURTYARD) and a new cover by ink-slinger J. Bone (X-STATIX)! But that's not the only Turkey Day trip to the old world Hawthorne has planned! November also marks the release of the 21st issue of Greg Rucka's Eisner Award-winning espionage series QUEEN & COUNTRY and the start of a four-issue arc illustrated by Hawthorne!

"Mike has been one of the hardest working men in comics for quite a while," commented editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Just look at his output over the last year or so-he's worked on GRENDEL with Matt Wagner, the five issues of THREE DAYS, a bunch of material for Beckett's TERMINATOR comics, and WHISKEY DICKLE for Mark Ricketts and Image. His schedule shows no signs of lightening up, either! November sees not only our two releases, but the debut of a new series for Beckett called RUULE with writer Ivan Brandon! But what's truly amazing is the quality of work. No matter how many fires he has burning, Mike always gives each one the attention and time it deserves. Sometimes I doubt the dude ever sleeps."

"Mike's the perfect collaborator," added Antony Johnston. "You can ask him to draw anything, knowing he'll nail it - and then he'll come back with ideas to make it even better. THREE DAYS IN EUROPE wasn't an easy book to draw, and finding the balance in a black humor romance caper was always going to be tricky. But Mike thrives on challenges, and the end result was a great-looking book."

THREE DAYS IN EUROPE follows couple Jack and Jill on their whirlwind Valentine's Day vacation-to separate destinations! Jack and Jill each have elaborate holidays planned that they're sure will absolutely thrill their respective significant other. The only problem is that both trips start the same day… What follows is a transglobal romp across three countries and two continents as Jack and Jill find themselves in a complex web of rock stars, cat burglars, paparazzi, and pretentious modern art!

"After wrapping up THREE DAYS IN EUROPE, I asked Mike what he wanted to do next," explained editor James Lucas Jones. "His schedule was hectic as always but he said if we ever had an opening for QUEEN & COUNTRY he would make it happen at any cost. It's not every day that you find an artist with Mike's talent and unbridled enthusiasm and Greg and I both agreed we should seize the opportunity while we could."

Issue 21 of QUEEN & COUNTRY sees the department going through yet another change as the politics inherent in the job start to catch up with Director Paul Crocker. Crocker is now forced to walk a tightrope between what he knows is right and what he must do to save his job.

"Like each artist before him, Hawthorne is leaving his own mark on these characters and this world Greg has created," added editor James Lucas Jones. "His work on this book and on THREE DAYS IN EUROPE shows off Mike's various finely honed skills. He's like a chef that's equally adept at preparing a hearty elegant meal as he is at creating a sweet and delicious dessert!"

"These are exactly the types of stories I want to tell," concluded Hawthorne. "I didn't get into comics to draw buff dudes in their pajamas punching each other across 22 pages every month. I'm drawing precisely the kind of comics I want to with fantastic collaborators and rewarding projects."

THREE DAYS IN EUROPE TP will ship to comic book stores on November 12, 2003. It has 144 pages of black-and-white story and art in a 5.5"x8" book with a beautiful cover by J. Bone and is priced at $14.95.

QUEEN & COUNTRY #21 is scheduled to ship on November 26, 2003. It is a standard comic book with 32 pages of black-and-white story and art, and retails for 2.99.

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