How A Hawkman Villain Might Be the Key to Dark Nights: Metal

On the surface, Dark Nights: Metal has been a fun romp through the weird expanse of comic book history. Dig a little deeper, and it's clear that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are telling a story about dark gods who have manipulated events from behind the scenes since the beginning. Put another way, Metal is the secret history of the DC Universe.

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In their quest to unearth the secrets of the universe, Snyder and Capullo have dug down deep and found ways to connect seemingly disparate concepts and characters. On Sunday morning, Capullo shared a panel from an upcoming issue, revealing the return of Hawkman villain Onimar Synn. Despite the character's obscurity, his presence in the series could mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.

Another Dark God for the DCU

Metal has established a DC Universe filled with ancient evils and dark gods spanning back to the origin of mankind. Barbatos is the leader of the Bat Tribe, but we don't know what other gods are out there just yet. We know that some kind of a Hawk God is coming. Onimar Synn is the first of these dark gods who is not specifically Earth-based.

Synn was an ancient evil that plagued the old world of Thanagar. He has immense control over Nth Metal, making him both incredibly powerful and intricately relevant to the origin of these elements, and how the material ended up on Earth.

With Green Lantern, Mister Terrific, and the Plastic Man egg set to check out the ruins of Thanagar, it's more than likely our heroes will find Synn ruling over the rubble of what is left of this world. His connection to Nth Metal, the only substance known to kill the denizens of the Dark Multiverse, could set up Synn as a major roadblock to victory.

The Return of a Certain Hawkman

On a metafictional level, we talk about Metal pulling from past Batman comics, but what about Hawkman? The late hero served as a co-lead of sorts during Bruce Wayne's investigation into the metal. It's difficult to notice, but just as Metal pulls from Grant Morrison's Batman, it's also pulling from Geoff Johns' Hawkman.

Onimar Synn was created by Johns during his run on JSA. Hawkman is reborn as Carter Hall on Thanagar, and Synn returns from his imprisonment to serve as the story's villain. The future of Hawkman quite literally fights off the dark past of his people.

Very little has been teased about the future of Hawkman, but from the few details we have, it's possible that the version of the character that Geoff Johns established over a decade ago is coming back. The Hawkman on the cover of Hawkman Found looks like Johns' Hawkman. Kendra Saunders has returned. And now Onimar Synn is back.

We don't know where or when the answers to Metal, the Dark Multiverse, or Hawkman will all be answered, but the reappearance of Onimar Synn could play a major role in connecting everything.

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