The Very First Hawkman's Origin Has A Dark and Deadly Secret

Time And Time Again

During his time on Thanagar, Ktar saw a woman among the dead who approached him and uttered the words, “You are in pain, warrior,” to which Ktar told her to hide before Idamm found her and added her to the field of dead. The woman appeared again on Qgga, lurking in the shadows, just out of the corner of Ktar’s eye. From then on, every world Ktar traveled to, the woman would be there watching him. The weight of his actions weighed heavy on his conscience until the time came for the final sacrifice, the one which would bring The Lord Beyond The Void into the universe. Again under the judgemental eye of the woman who watches, Ktar refused to commit this last act and instead set about freeing the enslaved to help him bring down the temple and stop the ascension.

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Ktar was able to keep Idamm busy while the chained Thanagarians dragged the sacred pillar into the void to stop the dead god’s return. In doing so, they brought down the entire planet of Qgga around them. Idamm was able to pin Ktar to a wall with his spear, but was crushed shortly thereafter by falling debris. In his dying moments, the woman approached Ktar and offered him her hand, saying that no one deserves to die alone. As the gateway closes, The Lord Beyond The Void swears to his former general that he will not only get his revenge, but that one day Ktar will serve as the weapon he was always intended to be. Then, the portal seals shut and Ktar dies staring at the stars without the answer to his final question… what was the woman’s name?


Ktar awakens in a field of skulls with a mysterious, omnipresent voice as his only company. He is told that he has a choice between life and death. He can accept death and whatever judgement may come with it, or he can live again in a cycle of reincarnation to make amends for the lives he slaughtered. If he chooses to live again, he will be trapped in a cycle of reincarnation across space and time until he has saved as many lives as he was responsible for ending, and considering the Deathbringers slaughtered civilizations and offered up sacrifices in the five-figure range, that’s going to be quite a lot of lives that need saving before Ktar can know peace. Still, the Deathbringer chooses to live again and the voice gives him a final word of warning: The Deathbringers will return, and when they do, each life they take will once again be added to Ktar’s tally until he stops them once and for all.

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These revelations certainly answer a lot of questions for Carter Hall in the present, but they still leave two big ones unanswered: Who was the woman, and what is her link -- if any -- to Hawkwoman. The hair color and overall resemblance to Shayera Thal can’t be a coincidence, and though these revelations explain how Carter has reincarnated across time and space, they don’t address the reincarnations of Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman. With the Justice League on a mission to Thanagar that promises to reveal an ancient connection between Shayera and Kendra, the current Hawkgirl, it seems those answers may be found next month in Justice League #16. Meanwhile, Carter Hall is on his own mission through the stars to find a weapon capable of stopping the Deathbringers in the ruins of a dead world, as we finally meet Catar-Ol, the Hawkman of Krypton.

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