Hawkman's Iconic Weapon Has Developed A New Power

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Hawkman #3 by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch, on sale now.

In the pages of Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch's Hawkman, Carter Hall has been going through a rebirth of sorts. With a renewed focus on his job as an archaeologist, the character is heading off on his own following the cataclysmic events of the Dark Nights: Metal event to discover the truth about himself. As he ventures from ancient temples to mysterious ruins, Carter discovers that what he knew about the past lives of his endless reincarnation cycle was only part of the truth -- Hawkman wasn't just reincarnated through time, but space as well, with countless alternate versions of himself existing across dimensions.

Following the clues left behind by his previous incarnations, Carter's quest for answers leads him to Dinosaur Island in Hawkman #3. There, Carter learns that there isn't just more to himself -- there's also a lot to more to discover about something that has been at his side for a very long time: his trusty mace.

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On Dinosaur Island, Carter is meant to travel to the top of a mountain, a destination marked by a past version of himself. However while on his way up, Hawkman comes across an entire army of Feitherans, feral and winged humanoid creatures whose purpose is to protect the top of the mountain. So great are their numbers and strength that the battle lasts hours. However, Carter would have been all but lost were it not for the sudden discovery of his mace's new ability.

At the start of the fight, the Feitherans' brutal attack makes Carter drop his mace far below. However, the weapon exhibits a new ability when it flies right back up to reach Carter's hand, a glow on its metal surface. Realizing what happened, Carter wastes no time in exploiting this power by throwing the mace as hard as he can on as many Feitherans as possible, the spiked weapon returning to him immediately, not unlike the way Mjolnir returns to Thor whenever he summons the mythical hammer.

The mace's power-up is enough to turn the tide of battle, allowing Carter to reach the top of the mountain and the next step of his quest. But where does the mace's new ability comes from, and are there more secrets about the weapon to be unlocked? Its power to return to Hawkman is likely derived from Nth metal, the material that grants Hawkman his ability to fly and heal incredibly fast. Perhaps the mace's new ability is a signal that Carter is growing more attuned to his true self.

In Hawkman #2, Carter traveled back in time without knowing the cause or the reason. While we haven't yet learned how or why this happened, we have to wonder if it's another ability of the mace. As Hawkman finds out more about himself, we're bound to learn more about his weapon of choice in the process -- and the answers are only beginning to reveal themselves.

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