Venditti Calls Carter Hall a 'Scholar First and Foremost' in His Hawkman Series

WARNING: The following interview contains spoilers for Hawkman #4, on sale now.

Hawkman holds a lot of titles. Superhero. Adventurer. Warrior. Police officer. Pharaoh. Archaeologist. Justice Leaguer. Unfortunately, the only thing he's never really been is simple to understand, with a long history of confusing history and complex retcons that has made Hawkman a hard sell for even the most initiated comic book readers. However, that's all changed with Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch's Hawkman series.

The two have worked to not only streamline Carter Hall's extensive continuity, but to tell new stories and get to the heart of the character. Combining archaeological mysteries with hard-hitting sci-fi mysteries, Hawkman has done a fantastic job of making the star of the series shine for the first time in years.

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CBR spoke with Venditti about what has been revealed in this series so far, and where Hawkman's journey will be taking him. By the end of our discussion, you'll get a sense of who will be showing up soon, and how important Carter Hall's story is to the greater DC Universe.

Hawkman #4 cover by Bryan Hitch

CBR: Many interpretations of Hawkman have painted him as this ultraviolent, alpha male -- almost even toxic at times -- character, but your Carter Hall is more introspective, refined and shows a reluctance towards violence. Why was that an important characteristic to change for this series?

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Robert Venditti: Hawkman is a fierce warrior -- perhaps the most skilled in the DCU -- with millennia of experience. There’s no disputing that. But I see him as a scholar first and foremost. History fascinates him, largely because he has lived it. The number of cultures he has encountered and grown to respect over that amount of time is immeasurable. As a modern-day archaeologist, it’s the exploration and discovery of the past—and the preservation of it—that drives him. These are far more compelling characteristics than savagery and violence.

Having said that, he won’t turn away from a fight, either. The easiest way I can think to express it is, he won’t hit you first, but he’ll hit you last.

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