'Hawkman #1' sells out, goes back to press

Official Press Release

DC Comics is pleased to announce that HAWKMAN # 1, the highest-selling debut issue for March (according to Diamond Comics Distributors) has gone back to press for a second printing less than a week after its initial instore date of March 6. The issue is already sold out at the publisher.

"The sales of this premiere issue by the talented team of James Robinson, Geoff Johns and Rags Morales exceeded our already-high expectations -- and print run," said Bob Wayne, DC's VP -- Sales & Marketing . "We're happy to see retailers and fans warmly embracing the return of this classic character. The additional printing will allow even more copies of the book to get into more hands and make it that much easier for retailers to sell subsequent issues to customers who are catching on to a series with momentum."

Writer Geoff Johns added, "I'm extremely happy to see this. Everyone involved in 'Return of the Hawkman' in JSA and in HAWKMAN#1 really worked hard, and we're all continuing to work hard, on Hawkman. He's a character that deserves it."

HAWKMAN # 1 Second Printing (DEC015177) is scheduled to be in stores on Wednesday, March 20.

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