Hawkeye: 5 Young Avengers We Hope to See Team-Up With Kate Bishop (& 5 We Hope Don’t Show Up)

Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked

Hawkeye is getting a television series, which is very exciting for fans of the Marvel archer. What is even more exciting than seeing Clint Barton get serious storytime is Kate Bishop, the second Hawkeye, debuting into the series. There is no Avengers movie in the MCU Phase 4. However, Kevin Feige said plans are in motion for the next iteration of The Avengers, which he says will be very different.

The rumors right now are that the next version of The Avengers will be the Young Avengers. Kate Bishop as the new Hawkeye is one way to lay the breadcrumbs that could eventually lead to the formation of the team. Hawkeye gives Marvel a chance to introduce not only Kate Bishop but other members of the Young Avengers to the MCU. Here are five we want to see, as well as five the MCU needs to hold off on.

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10 Want To See: Hulkling

While it took a few appearances to stabilize his spot in Marvel Comics, Hulkling is the heart and soul of the Young Avengers. The fact that he and Wiccan are an openly gay couple, yet one not exploited for that fact, brought a fresh outlook to the comic series.

Marvel has introduced the Kree and Skrulls, showing they have been at war for a long time. Hulkling, as the son of Mar-Vell and Kree Princess Anelle, could play into the possibility of a Secret Invasion storyline in the future as well. Since Hulkling is a shapeshifter, he could show up as a regular teen in the Hawkeye series.

9 Don't Show Up: Noh-Varr

The last thing that Hawkeye needs to bother with is a romantic interest for Kate Bishop in her life. Kate needs to become the new Hawkeye based on her need and desire to become a hero and needs no man other than her mentor in Clint, and possibly her father, to lead her on her hero's quest.

That means no Noh-Varr. Honestly, there might not be a reason to have him on the Young Justice team at all. He served a minimal purpose in the comics, and most of his time there negated Kate to little more than a teenage girl in love with a pretty boy. Kate is much more important than that stereotype.

8 Want To See: Wiccan

Wiccan is a character that could be a perfect inclusion into Hawkeye based on the timing of the series. In early 2021, WandaVision comes out, and then Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits in May. Scarlet Witch is supposed to be part of the movie. Some theories suggest what she does in her TV show could be a significant plot point in Doctor Strange 2 as well as the MCU as a whole.

Could Wanda use her powers to bring back Vision and create their children? Could it drive her mad? The spirits of her twins manifested themselves in two people: Wiccan and Speed. Speed can wait. Wiccan is Hulkling's lover, so bringing him in now without knowledge of his parentage could be a nice easter egg to lead to the future.

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7 Don't Show Up: Kid Loki

Kid Loki is a fantastic character and one that has to make it into an MCU movie at some point. However, something big has to happen to Loki before this can happen. The Loki TV show will air early in 2021, before Hawkeye. Something could happen, but it shouldn't play out in Hawkeye.

If Loki dies and resurrects as a child, or if he somehow is changed into a kid, that needs to play out in a Young Avengers movie. Kid Loki needs to be the main plot of that film, which would parallel the original Avengers movie, but in a very different manner. Kid Loki has to appear, but not in Hawkeye.

6 Want To See: Ms. America

Ms. America was not an original member of the Young Avengers. Despite that, there is no reason that she can't show up as a teenager in Hawkeye, maybe as someone Kate knows or someone who runs afoul of Hawkeye early on.

Ms. America is a tough-as-nails character who takes no gruff from anyone and has the powers to open portals. The superpowers don't need to play out here. But, bringing her in as a character from the streets would be an excellent way to make her an original member when the Young Avengers form.

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5 Don't Show Up: Iron Lad

Iron Lad was the key player in the first Young Avengers storyline. He could be a massive part of Phase 5 and beyond if Marvel wants to make Kang the Conquerer its next Thanos-styled Big Bad. Introducing Iron Lad, who is a young Kang from another Earth who wants to avoid his fate, could kickstart that.

Honestly, the Young Avengers beat Kang with little help from the grown-up Avengers. Since they won't have Iron Man or Captain America to lean on, putting these kids up against a time-traveling conqueror could be a battle perfect for the movies. There is just no reason to bring Iron Lad in until the Young Avengers finally join forces.

4 Want To See: Stature

Stature is the one Young Avengers member that has to appear in Hawkeye. For one thing, she is already in the MCU. Stature is Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang, the Ant-Man. Avengers: Endgame allowed Cassie to grow five years and become a teenager, portrayed in the movie by 17-year-old Emma Fuhrmann.

Cassie, in the Young Avengers comic books, is the best friend of Kate Bishop, and the two forced their way into the already established, male-dominated Young Avengers team. Cassie stole her dad's Pym Particles for years and ended up able to change shape on her own without needing them anymore. Cassie has to be in Hawkeye to link Kate to the Young Avengers.

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3 Don't Show Up: Speed

As mentioned earlier, Wiccan and Speed are the reincarnations of Scarlet Witch's children that Mephisto created. The two have the powers of the Scarlet Witch (Wiccan) and Quicksilver (Speed), and are dangerous, as Wiccan is the possible Demiurge of the future, which can destroy the world.

With that said, Speed is someone that Wiccan didn't even know existed until later, and there is no reason to add him to the story at this point. With Quicksilver dead, there might not be a reason for Wikkan to have a brother at all. However, if Wanda does create twins and loses them, he is needed—just not in Hawkeye.

2 Want To See: Patriot

Honestly, the most annoying character in the Young Avengers was Patriot, and it isn't even close. He is a jerk. He is self-absorbed. He is sexist. He is someone who considers himself a leader, despite lacking the temperament to lead anyone. At the end of the day, he is perfect for Kate Bishop's origin story.

Patriot is Eli Bradley, and his grandfather was the original test subject for the super-soldier serum. As a result, Eli pretended to have superpowers handed down in his genes, although it was a lie and he was using MGH to give him powers. Having a pre-superhero Eli Bradley as someone that pushes Kate's buttons could be a ton of fun in Hawkeye.

1 Don't Show Up: Prodigy

Prodigy is someone who can't appear in Hawkeye without a significant change to his origin, and even then he isn't worth including. For one thing, Prodigy is a mutant, and mutants don't exist yet in the MCU. For another, he was introduced in the pages of Young Justice after he joined up with Cyclops' mutant rebellion and ended up in jail.

He has fun powers, as he knows everything about everyone and knows how to beat anyone—even if he can't do it himself. He is a supernatural genius and could play into the story down the line, but no one would ever miss him if he never showed up.

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