10 Hawkeye Storylines The Disney+ Series Could Adapt

Out of all the Disney+/MCU streaming series that have been announced so far (WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, & Loki), the development of a Hawkeye series starring Jeremy Renner has been one of the most exciting, and most mysterious of the upcoming shows. Besides the announcement that the series was being developed, both Marvel Studios and Jeremy Renner have remained fairly tight-lipped about the project.

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Our only inkling of where this series may go comes with the announcement from Variety, which revealed that the series will focus on Renner's Clint Barton as he passes on the mantle of Hawkeye to his predecessor, Kate Bishop. This would mimic the similar relationship between the two that we've seen in the comics, but what else might we see in the upcoming streaming series? Today we'll examine some storylines from both Hawkeyes that might be adapted for the Disney + series.

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While the inclusion of Hawkeye's ex-wife Mockingbird is incredibly difficult for the Disney + series to pull off, given that Clint is married with a family in the MCU, and Bobbi Morse has already appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with little to no Hawkeye connection revealed on the series.

Thankfully the first few issues of Solo Avengers focuses mainly on Hawkeye, his history with the circus, and his training with the man who would become one of his greatest villains, Trickshot. Hawkeye's history and rogues gallery, limited as it may be, hasn't been mentioned much on the big screen, so maybe it's time to acknowledge that on the small screen.


Following the events of Endgame, Clint has his family back and the world is saved, largely due to the sacrifice of his best friend and partner, Black Widow. Over the course of Endgame Barton learns how important living the heroic life with the Avengers had been to her, which may inspire Clint to follow in her footsteps as the leader of heroes.

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In the comics, Hawkeye once assembled his own team of Avengers to operate out of LA that became known as the West Coast Avengers. The Disney + series could see Clint recruiting and training a new squad of Avengers in Natasha's memory, introducing new heroes to the team or even old MCU cast members, like Rhodey/War Machine, who was a West Coast Avenger.


While Clint has apparently moved on from his Ronin persona after the events of Endgame we have to admit we want to see more of the vengeful Barton. Flashbacks in the series could help flush out a bit more of his time as Ronin, while also teasing a new big-time villain for the MCU.

During the Dark Reign event, former Green Goblin Norman Osborn led the Dark Avengers as Iron Patriot. The List: Avengers #1 featured Ronin as he took the fight to Osborn and his Dark Avengers while he battled with his own issues about killing. This would further explore his time as Ronin while also potentially introducing Norman Osborn to the MCU as a future threat.


The introduction of Kate Bishop occurred alongside the debut of a few other heroes who would become known as the Young Avengers, though it is unlikely we will see the whole team appear in the developing Hawkeye series. But that doesn't mean the series has to steer clear of any of Kate's adventures while she was a part of the team.

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Young Avengers Presents #6 focuses on Kate Bishop/Hawkeye as she meets Clint Barton/Ronin for the first time, losing her bow and name to him in the process. She then decides to break into Avengers HQ to steal it back, earning Barton's respect and kicking off their mentor/student relationship.


Any Hawkeye adaptation that plans to include both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop needs to take a look at Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye series, which takes the Avenger to the streets of New York, where he manages an apartment building, rescues a dog, works for S.H.I.E.L.D., mentors Kate Bishop, and makes oh so many mistakes.

Fraction's Hawkguy is not really the same Barton that we've seen on the big screen, but his developing relationship with Kate Bishop as he struggles to deal with his constantly chaotic life highlights the best and the worst of the character, while also featuring a localized setting full of great characters that would work well on the Disney+ series.


Following the events of Civil War II that saw Hawkeye very publicly execute Bruce Banner, Barton took to the road to get back to helping people instead of being involved in the larger superhuman battles. Hawkeye became something of a public sensation during his time on the road as he refocused his superheroic skills to taking on local matters across the country.

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During this time Hawkeye also assembled a new group of lesser-known heroes, showcasing Barton's recurring role as a mentor to other heroes who wouldn't always be given the same shot he was when he joined the Avengers. The Disney + series would greatly benefit from highlighting Barton's humanity and skills as a mentor that were on display in Occupy Avengers.


Since Winter Soldier will be appearing in his own series alongside the Falcon, it's unlikely the most recent volume of Tales of Suspense would be entirely adapted for the upcoming series. With that being said, the storyline could be easily adapted to replace Winter Soldier with Kate Bishop and could mean big things for the MCU moving forward.

Tales of Suspense followed Clint and Bucky as they followed a series of murders that appeared to be carried out by the Black Widow, who had recently died in Secret Empire. The two embark on a hunt for their fallen friend that takes them to Natasha's homeland and introduces an interesting way that the MCU could bring Black Widow back after Endgame.


As Kate Bishop would be an entirely new addition to the MCU, provided they don't use Hawkeye's daughter as the MCU replacement for Kate, so it stands to reason that her backstory would be fleshed out a bit in the upcoming streaming series. And while her family and origin seem like the most likely part to adapt, there is another angle the MCU could take.

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Kate Bishop took over the most recent volume of Hawkeye as she headed back out to the west coast on her own after her mentorship with Clint, and used her skills as a private investigator in the city of Los Angeles. The Disney+ series could see Kate already in her established private eye business as Clint comes into her life, allowing for some of Kate's development to happen before we meet her in the MCU.


Clint Barton has worked alongside a number of teams over the years, from the previously discussed West Coast Avengers to non-Avengers teams like the Thunderbolts, who were former villains-turned-heroes just like Hawkeye. Barton even led his own squad of Secret Avengers, which dealt with a very unique new threat that might be perfect for the MCU.

The Secret Avengers encountered The Core, an underground city populated by sentient cybernetic machines known as the Descendants, who eventually decided to turn the world into machines like them. The MCU's established relationship with AI coupled with the Descendants numerous callbacks to the various other characters in the Marvel Universe who dabble in robotics (Doctor Doom, Ultron, Adaptoids, etc.) make this possible adaptation a fanservice dream.


We're actually hoping we don't see this dark alternate reality tale adapted for Disney +'s Hawkeye series, but not because the story isn't any good. But rather, because it features the murders of Hawkeye's entire family due to the betrayal of his closest friend, Black Widow.

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Given that we've already seen Clint lose his family in Avengers: Endgame, it's not something we want to retread too soon. However, some of the scenes that feature Clint's escape and eventual retribution against those responsible would make for some great action sequences in the series. Just don't kill the Barton's again, please.

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