10 Things Fans Often Forget About Hawkeye

When it comes to the world of Marvel’s Avengers, the first heroes fans often think about are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel and Black Panther. As they're such powerful, long-serving and iconic members of the team, it is understandable to see them in the spotlight often. On the other hand, there are members of the team who are always under-appreciated, most notably Hawkeye.

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Clint Barton is a master marksman and one of the world’s greatest archers. For years, he's been considered the Aquaman of the group, but Aquaman's gone up in so many fans' estimation lately (largely thanks to Jason Momoa). Hawkeye himself was one of the surviving heroes after Avengers: Endgame, so maybe he'll truly impress us yet. It is time to explore the hero more, so here are ten interesting facts and details that fans tend to forget about Clint Barton.

10 Trained In A Carnival

One aspect of Barton’s history that is rarely explored is that he and his brother Barney lost their parents in a tragic car accident and were taken to an orphanage. Deciding to run away, the two boys found themselves joining the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. It was here that they met The Swordsman.

The Swordsman took Clint under his wing, making him his assistant. Along with Trick Shot, he trained the child to become the master archer he is known as today. Sadly, he discovered the Swordsman was embezzling money. Before he could turn his mentor in, the man beat him and left him for dead.

9 Mistaken For Criminal

After his relationship with his brother and Trick Shot deteriorated and The Swordsman fled after beating Clint, Clint witnessed Iron Man saving the day and decided to become a hero himself using his archery skills. After a misunderstanding during his first outing however, he was thought to be a criminal.

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He later met and fell in love with the spy Black Widow, helping her steal technology of Tony Stark’s and fighting alongside her against Iron Man. However, after she left him, he realized he had been played and knew he had to make amends to become the hero he always wanted to be.

8 Joined The Avengers Alongside Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch

After saving Edwin Jarvis and Jarvis’s mother from a mugger, he was given a chance to come to Avengers Mansion and confront the heroes to prove his innocence and his determination to make amends. After seeing his dedication to become a hero, Iron Man sponsored him and Hawkeye got his chance to join the team.

Funny enough, this was around the same time that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers as well. After escaping their formidable father Magneto’s villainous rampage, they too wanted to make amends, for the damage they had caused by following their father for years.

7 Briefly Took Up The Mantle Of Goliath

After some adventures with the Avengers, Hawkeye found himself taking a new name after his bow was destroyed during a critical moment in battle. Not wanting to be unprepared again, he adopted the mantle of Goliath, after Hank Pym passed the torch (so to speak).

It was at this time his brother approached him. Appearing to be a racketeer, he came to warn the Avengers that Egghead and his allies the Mad Thinker and Puppet Master planned to use a laser weapon against the United States. The Avengers intervened, but his brother passed in the conflict and was revealed to have been an FBI Agent.

6 Became Head Of Security For Cross Technological Enterprises

One of the more unique turns in Hawkeye’s career has to be his turn in the private sector. After returning to the Hawkeye persona and becoming an on-again-off-again member of the Avengers (plus failed romances with Scarlet Witch and Black Widow), Clint finally found his place as the head of security for Cross Technological Enterprises.

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A tech rival to Oscorp and Stark Industries, it was at CTE that Clint met and fell in love with his future wife Mockingbird, aka Bobbi Morse. After they worked together to stop Crossfire from destroying the superhero community, they decided to get married.

5 Formed West Coast Avengers

One of the biggest moments of Hawkeye’s early career came when he and his wife Mockingbird worked together to form the West Coast Avengers, at the behest of The Vision. After battling Crossfire and establishing a base of operations, their marriage became strained, after a disagreement over the way that Mockingbird dealt with a villain.

After surviving having a bounty placed on his head by Crossfire and working with the West Coast Avengers to stop Mephisto and Satannish, he apologizes to his wife and the two reconcile. However, she soon sacrifices her life to save him, leading to Barton disbanding the group.

4 Led Early Version Of The Thunderbolts

After returning to the Avengers having spent a period of time in isolation, he left the team once more to begin a noble quest. He decided to join and run the Thunderbolts, a new team he hoped to turn away from the villainous Helmut Zemo and train to become a team of heroes.

This mission was a partial success, with Hawkeye even beginning a romantic relationship with a reformed Moonstone. Soon, Hawkeye turned himself over to the authorities on the condition the team be granted pardons. The team reformed once to defeat Graviton before he handed over leadership to Citizen V.

3 Loses Life Twice To Scarlet Witch

During the time when Scarlet Witch struggled with her own powers and became a contentious character within the Marvel Universe, no hero suffered more than Hawkeye. When one of her incidents causes her to transport a Kree Warship to New York, the Avengers spring into action. As Hawkeye’s explosive arrows catch fire, he sacrifices himself, flying into the ship’s engines and destroying it.

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Later, during the House of M event, he is resurrected. When he retains his memories, he is horrified and shoots an arrow into Scarlet Witch’s back. In retaliation, one of her recreated children wipes him from existence.

2 Took Down The Hulk

One of the most tragic moments of Hawkeye’s career in recent years has to be taking down the Hulk. After being resurrected once more and enduring years of events, Civil War II arrived. After Ulysses the Inhuman receives a vision of the Hulk rampaging on Earth, Clint takes action.

While the superhero community gathers to talk with Bruce, Clint takes aim at Bruce from behind. Bruce had asked Clint to take him out before he Hulks out again, giving him a special arrow to do so. Clint believes this is the time and takes action before it’s too late, ending the Hulk and his friend.

1 Leads Free Heroes During Secret Empire

Via: Syfy

After the shocking events that saw Captain America turned into a HYDRA leader who helped orchestrate their takeover of Earth, there were only a few heroes left on Earth free to fight against the regime. After learning from Rick Jones that Captain America was brainwashed by the cosmic cube Kobik, Hawkeye became the hero who led efforts to restore Captain America back to his former self.

Despite Black Widow’s opposition to him, wanting to end his life altogether instead, he fell in love with her once more during this time of war. Sadly, she lost her life during the event, causing much grief for Hawkeye.

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